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The Third Doctor Bio............

The Third Doctor



The Third Doctor was the result of a forced second regeneration imposed upon the Second Doctor by the Time Lords after the Doctor was found guilty of breaking the Time Lord laws of non-interference. This Doctor was exiled to 20th century Earth and his memory blocked so he could not use his TARDIS to escape. He struck up an arrangement with old friend Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart wherein he would serve as UNIT's "scientific advisor", and in return could use UNIT's technical and scientific facilities to attempt to make the TARDIS operational again.

Occasionally camp but always charismatic, this Doctor had a personal manner of dress which is the most ornate of his various incarnations, favouring frilled shirts, velvet smoking or dinner jackets in blue, orange, green, burgundy or black, evening trousers, formal boots and opera and hunting cloaks for his regular outfit, with variations and accessories including bow ties, cravats and leather gloves, earning him the nickname "the Dandy Doctor".

The Third Doctor was a man of action, aggressively joining the fray whenever he could, unlike the first two Doctors who generally insinuated themselves into events discreetly. This was a Doctor was unafraid to pitch in with his physical skills, often bringing his mastery of Venusian aikido into play when the situation called for it.

Other personalities we see in the 3rd Doctor:
  • Keen minded
  • Moral
  • Gentlemenly
  • Little patience
  • Courageous
  • Arrogant
  • Paternal
  • Moral
  • Dashing
  • Physically daring
  • Skilled diplomat
  • Linguist

Personality Quirks:

  • Love for gadgets
  • Loved vintage cars like his car 'Bessie'
  • Was Skilled in the martial arts including Venusian Aikido
  • Tended to be paternal
  • A hero of the Victorian mould

Favorite Phrases:

  • I've reversed the polarity of the neutron-flow
  • Now listen to me

Key Life Events:

  • Newly regenerated, partially amnesiac and exiled on Earth, the Doctor re-unites with UNIT and the Brigadier and encounters the Autons and Nestene Consciousness for the first time.
  • Afterwards, having nowhere else to go, the Doctor reluctantly accepts the position of UNIT's unpaid scientific advisor.
  • Is given his own automobile, which he dubs "Bessie", and Dr. Liz Shaw becomes his assistant.
  • Is briefly sent to a parallel earth.
  • Liz Shaw leaves UNIT and Jo Grant becomes the Doctor's new companion. The Doctor also meets Captain Mike Yates for the first time.
  • A Time Lord warns the Doctor that a former friend turned enemy, the Master, has come to Earth.
  • Encounters the Daleks for the first time in many years; also, due to a TARDIS malfunction, accidentally meets a future version of his same incarnation.
  • With his first and second incarnations, the Doctor defeats Omega. As a reward for this, the Time Lords rescind his exile and restore his knowledge of the TARDIS.
  • With his restored freedom, the Doctor begins scaling back his involvement with UNIT and starts travelling through time and space again.
  • The Doctor emotionally says goodbye to Jo Grant, who leaves in order to marry an environmentalist.
  • The Doctor meets Sarah Jane Smith for the first time.
  • The above episode also saw the introduction of the Sontarans, however a later serial, The Two Doctors, established that the Second Doctor had previously met the creatures, making this no longer a first encounter. This serial is also the first time the name of Gallifrey is mentioned on screen.
  • In a timeline created by Faction Paradox, the Doctor dies on the planet Dust.
  • The Doctor re-unites with K'anpo Rimpoche, a spiritual teacher and Time Lord, the Doctor had known during his youth on Gallifrey.
  • The Doctor regenerates.

The 3rd Doctor was portrayed by Jon Pertwee


Born: John Devon Roland Pertwee
Birth Date: July 7, 1919
Born In: Chelsea, London, England
Date of Death: May 20, 1996
Died In: Timberlake, Conneticut, USA
Father: Roland Pertwee
Mother: Unknown
Brother: Michael Pertwee
Cousin: Bill Pertwee
Spouse(s): Jean Marse 1955-1960, Ingeborg Rhoesha 1960-1996
Son(s): Sean and Dariel

TV Appearances:

1946 - Toad of Road Hall - as The Judge
1956 - Evans Abode - as Unknown
1958 - Ivanhoe - as Peter the Peddler
1965 - Mother Goose - as The Squire
1966 - The Jon Pertwee Show - as Himself
1967 - The Avengers - as Brigadier Whitehead
1967 - Beggar My Neghbour - as Major Henley
1967 - Jokers Wild - as Himself/Team Captain
1970 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor
1972 - Whodunnit! - as Himself/Presenter
1975 - The Goodies - as Reverand Llewellyn
1979 - The Curious Case of Santa Claus - Dr. Merryweather
1983 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor
1983 - SuperTed - as Spotty
1985 - 3-2-1 - as Dracula
1986 - Worzal Gummidge Down Under - as Worzal Gummidge
1992 - Virtual Murder - as Luis Silverado
1993 - The Further Adventures of SuperTed - as Spotty
1993 - Teh Airzone Solution - as Oliver Threthewey
1993 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor
1994 - The Zero Imperative - as Dr. O'Kane
1995 - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - as General Von Kramer

Film Appearances:

1937 - Dinner at the Ritz - as Unknown
1938 - A Yank at Oxford - as Unknown
1939 - The Four Just Men - as Rally campaigner
1939 - Their Ain't No Justice - as Unknown
1939 - Young Man's Fancy - as Unknown
1948 - A Piece of Cake - as Mr. Short
1948 - William at the Circus - as Superintendent
1948 - Trouble in the Air - Truelove
1948 - Murder at the Windmill - as Unknown
1948 - Dear Mr. Prohack - as Inknown
1948 - Penny and the Pownall Case - as Unknown
1948 - Helter Skelter - as Headwriter/Charles II
1950 - Miss Pilgram's Progress - as Postman Perkins
1950 - The Body Said No - as Watchman
1951 - Mister Drake's Duck - as Reuben
1951 - Will Any Gentleman...? - as Charley Sterling
1954 - The Gay Dog - as Unknown
1955 - A Yank of Ermine - as Slowburn
1956 - It's a Wonderful World - as Conductor
1959 - The Ugly Duckling - as Victor Jeckyll
1960 - Not a Hope in Hell - as Dan
1960 - Just Joe - as Prendergast
1961 - Nearly a Nasty Accident - as Gen. Birkinshaw
1963 - Ladies Who Do - as Sidney Tait
1964 - Carry On Cleo - as Soothsayer
1964 - How to Undress In Public - as Unknown
1965 - Runaway Railway - as Station Master
1965 - Iv'e Got A Horse - Costumier's Assistant
1965 - You Must Be Joking! - as Storekeeper
1965 - Carry On Cowboy - Sheriff Albert Earp
1966 - Carry On Screaming! - as Doctor Fettle
1966 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - as Crassus
1969 - Up in the Air - as Figworthy
1970 - The House That Dripped Blood - as Paul Henderson
1970 - Under the Table You Must Go - as Voice
1974 - March of the Desert - as Unknown
1975 - One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing - as Colonel Mortimer
1977 - Adventures of a Private Eye - as Judd Blake
1977 - Wombling Free - as Voice
1977 - Number One of the Secret Service - as Reverand Watlet Braithwaite
1977 - The Water Babies - as Voice
1980 - Worzel Gummidge: A Cup o'Tea an' a Slice o' Cake - as Worzel Gummaidge
1982 - The Boys in Blue - as Coast Guard
1992 - Carry On Columbus - as Duke of Costa Brava
1994 - Cloud Cuckoo - as Grandfather