Friday, July 29, 2011

There is More to River Song Then Meets The Eye!!

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has promised that the revelation surrounding River Song's true identity will be explored in future episodes.

The actress told Assignment X that River's unveiling as Amy Pond's daughter Melody will have some "weird" consequences.

"That's going to be really fun, considering their relationship now and the big revelation," she said. "We'll see parental instincts coming into play."

Gillan also discussed the return of Doctor Who in August, revealing new details about the mid-series premiere 'Let's Kill Hitler'.

"We have this really cool robot villain that goes back and fixes history," she explained. "So it goes back in time and fixes people that have done [something] wrong in history."

Doctor Who writer Tom MacRae recently revealed that his upcoming episode for the show will focus on Gillan's character Amy, describing 'The Girl Who Waited' as "a real tear-jerker".

Source: Digital Spy

Below is the new trailer that was shown at the San Diego Comic Con 2011:

Now as you can see from this trailer, it seems I was right saying to my kids that there is way more to River Song then what they have already revealed! And it seems as that River is the eye patch lady!! Amy and Rory better put their foot down with their daughter if you ask