Saturday, June 4, 2011

S6 EP5 The Rebel Flesh

The Rebel Flesh



AIRDATE: May 21,2011

COMPANIONS: Amy Pond, Rory Williams

VILLANS/ALIENS/MONSTERS: Miranda Cleaves, Gangers

OTHER CHARACTERS: Jimmy, Buzzer, Jennifer, Miranda Cleaves, Dickon

LOCATION: 22nd century


On an island in the 22nd century, Jennifer, Buzzer and Jimmy are walking around an abandoned monastery. They enter a room and open a large vat, making sure their acid suits are fully closed, to reveal a large amount of acid. Jennifer accidentally pushes Buzzer into the vat, but they seem more concerned with the loss of the suit than Buzzer. As Jennifer and Jimmy leave, Buzzer enters with no suit, though he is still seen in the vat of acid.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor is scanning Amy for pregnancy, and is still getting strange readings. The TARDIS gets hit by a solar tsunami, and ends up on the island. The Doctor notices a supply pipe, and deduces that it's there to pump acid off the island to the mainland. They enter the monastery, setting off the alarm. They enter a room full of harnesses in which people are sleeping. They are quickly surrounded by exact doubles of the people in harnesses (including Jennifer, Buzzer and Jimmy). They pretend to be from the meteorological department, and warn them that a bigger solar wave than the one they just survived is on the way. The Doctor asks to see their "critical system".

Miranda Cleaves (apparently the leader) leads them to a vat of 'flesh'; fully programmable matter which they can manipulate to replicate any living organisms. They reveal that all the workers in the room (apart from Jennifer) are flesh, being controlled by the real people in the harnesses, as the site is too dangerous; they were losing a worker every week. With flesh 'gangers', they can mind the site without putting anyone in danger. The Doctor seems concerned with their low opinion of the flesh, stating that it is a 'living thing'. Jennifer leaves to create her ganger. The Doctor scans the flesh, but instead feels it scanning him. As Jennifer steps into the harness, the Doctor, Amy and Rory watch flesh pour into a tub. The liquid flesh drains, leaving an exact copy of Jennifer.

The Doctor reminds them of the solar wave, but Cleaves refuses to let the team leave the island. The Doctor notes that the factory runs on solar energy, meaning there will be a huge power surge when the wave hits. Jennifer directs them to the monitoring station. The Doctor sees that the solar energy is absorbed via the weather vane, and heads up to the roof. Acid pipes begin to leak everywhere, including near the TARDIS, which begins dissolving the ground around it. As the power surge occurs, the gangers switch between their full human forms and their semi-flesh forms.

The Doctor is knocked back from the weather vane, and wakes up on the roof to see the vane gone and the stump smoking. Rory and Amy, also having be knocked unconscious, wake up. The Doctor greets the real Cleaves, who is deeply shaken and worried for her team. He reveals that they've been unconscious for an hour, rather than a few minutes as Cleaves believed. Amy and Rory return to the harness room to find everyone awake. Jennifer is apparently in a state of shock, and Rory comforts her as Amy watches. The Doctor and Cleaves join them, and Cleaves says that the gangers should have returned to pure flesh, but is interrupted by someone playing Jimmy's record- the gangers are controlling themselves.

The group run to the main room, where they discover that everything has been searched. The Doctor explains that the gangers were searching for confirmation of their identities. The workers have trouble accepting the fact that they gave their identities away, and that all their possessions are equally the possessions of their gangers. Jennifer begins to feel ill and heads to the toilets, quickly followed by Rory.

In the toilets, Jennifer vomits up flesh. Suddenly terrified upon realising she is a ganger, she disappears into one of the cubicles. When Rory steps in front of the mirror, her arm extends and she punches through the door, aiming for and missing him. Her neck then extends through the hole in the cubicle door, and she tells Rory to "just let [the gangers] live!" Rory runs out of the room.

In the main room, the Doctor heats up some food as Jimmy talks about arming themselves. The Doctor says that, as Jimmy isn't a violent man, there is no reason why his ganger should be. The Doctor hands Cleaves a hot plate, but she doesn't feel it. He explains that her nerve endings aren't what they should be, though he reassures her that she'll stabilise. Cleaves turns away, and turns back with a flesh face, revealing herself as a ganger. She proclaims that "[the gangers] are living!" and runs out. Amy remembers Rory and goes to search for him with Jimmy and the Doctor. They arrive at the toilets and realise that Jennifer is a ganger. The Doctor says that, though they aren't violent, they are scared, and that he needs to talk to them if he's going to fix it. He runs off to get the TARDIS, and Amy goes to look for Rory.

Rory finds Jennifer's ganger, who tells him how when she was a little girl, she got lost. She expresses that she is Jennifer Lucas, and does not feel like a mere factory part. She takes offence when Rory asks her where the real Jennifer is, and she takes on full human form.

The Doctor returns to the vat of flesh and scans it again before leaving. The tub fills with flesh again, and drains enough to reveal a mouth that says "Trust me." The Doctor returns to where he left the TARDIS to find only the top inches remaining above ground, and he also realises that he's burnt his shoes. Meanwhile, all the gangers except for Jennifer have gathered with the remaining acid suits.

While searching for Rory, Amy sees the Eye Patch Lady again. Rory and Ganger Jennifer find Amy, as do Buzzer and Dicken. Rory says that the ganger needs protection, and says that "no one touches her". Amy is visibly concerned at her husband's sudden affection for another woman. The group return to the main room with Jimmy, and the Doctor soon arrives with the rest of the gangers in full human form. He explains that the gangers are now truly alive, and that can't be changed. The Ganger Jimmy confirms this as he explains what happened the day his son was born. The real Cleaves enters, refuses to work with the gangers, and kills the Ganger Buzzer. The Gangers conclude that the humans can't be trusted and run out. Cleaves tells the humans that it's war, as does the Ganger Jennifer with the gangers.

The humans go to take refuge in the chapel. Rory refuses to enter the chapel, and goes to search for Jennifer instead. The Doctor hears a voice and tells whoever is in the room to show themselves. A Ganger Doctor steps out of the shadows, saying "Trust me. I'm the Doctor."