Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Favorite Quotes

Flesh And Stone

Amy Pond: What if the gravity fails?
The Doctor: I have thought about that.
Amy Pond: And?
The Doctor: We will all plunge to our deaths. See? I have thought about it!


Angel Bob: We will consume this ship, this planet, the stars, and the worlds beyond.
The Doctor: Yeah, but we have comfy chairs. Did I mention?
Angel Bob: We have no need for comfy chairs.
The Doctor: [amused] I made him say comfy chairs.


Amy Pond: What's wrong with me?
River Song: Nothing; you're fine.
The Doctor: Everything; you're dying.
River Song: Doctor!
The Doctor: [sarcastically] Yes, you're right! If we lie to her she'll get all better!


[The Doctor walks up to River Song, as she gazes out past the TARDIS]
River Song: You. Me. Handcuffs. Must it always end this way?
The Doctor: Hmm. What now?
River Song: The Prison Ship's in orbit. They'll beam me up any second. I might have done enough to earn a pardon this time. We'll see.
The Doctor: [beat] Octavian said you killed a man.
River Song: Yes... I did.
The Doctor: A good man.
River Song: A very good man. The best man I've ever known.
The Doctor: [beat] Who?
River Song: [chuckles] It's a long story, Doctor. Can't be told. Has to be lived! No sneak previews. Well, except for this one. You'll see me again quite soon. When the Pandorica opens.
The Doctor: The Pandorica! Ha! [whispers into River's ear] That's a fairytale!
River Song: [chuckles] Ha ha! Doctor, aren't we all? [beat] I'll see you there.
The Doctor: I look forward to it.
River Song: I remember it well!
[The Doctor laughs and stands aside; Amy Pond walks up to River]
Amy Pond: Bye, River.
River Song: See you, Amy.
[River's handcuffs beep]
River Song: Oh! I think that's my ride!
The Doctor: Can I trust you, River Song?
River Song: If you like. Ha! But where's the fun in that?
[River is beamed up to the Prison Ship, leaving the Doctor and Amy on the beach]


Amy Pond: It made me think about what I want. Who I want. You know what I mean?
The Doctor: Yeah. [beat] No.
Amy Pond: About who [tilts head toward him] I want.
The Doctor: Oh right, yes... No, still not getting it.
Amy Pond: Doctor... in a word, in one very simple word even you can understand— [goes in to kiss him]
The Doctor: [Stumbling off the bed, avoiding the kiss] You're getting married in the morning!
Amy Pond: Well the morning's a long time away, what are we going to do then?
The Doctor: Amy, listen to me. I am 907 years old; do you understand what that means?
Amy Pond: It's been a while?
The Doctor: Yea—No, no, no! I'm 907, and look at me! I don't get older, I just change; you get older, I don't. And this can't ever work.
Amy Pond: Aw, you are sweet, Doctor, but I really wasn't suggesting anything quite so... long term. [kisses him against the TARDIS]
The Doctor: [pushes her back] But you're human! You're Amy! You're getting married in the morning— [realizing] In the morning. It's you. It's all about you, it's always been about you.
Amy: Hold that thought. [Goes and lays on the bed seductively]
The Doctor: Amy Pond. Mad, impossible Amy Pond, I don't know how I didn't realize, but possibly the most important thing in the universe is that I get you sorted out right now.
Amy Pond: That's what I've been trying to tell you!