Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Filming for what production staff are calling "Torchwood: Season Four" has just wrapped up in the United States, according to an insider close to the project. John Barrowman, who stated in December that he would be involved in such a project, was present for filming. Since he just finished his last musical tour in March and his next doesn't begin until this October, it looks like has some free time in the upcoming months -- pretty suspicious for a notorious busybody.

In November, creator Russell T. Davies told TV guide, that "fingers crossed, it will be a go. We expect things to start to move in January."

Best guess is that this was a pilot episode, as the filming time was limited to the first two weeks of April.

Since we already know via The Hollywood Reporter that FOX has picked up the show, it's safe to say that the rumoured, revered and feared version of the series, Torchwood USA on FOX, is headed our way sooner rather than later.

History suggests that moving the series to the US means revamping it severely, as has been done with other UK shows to go overseas. However, that staff are calling it a "fourth season," and that Barrowman is involved, implies otherwise -- especially since BBC veterans Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter are working alongside Davies as executive producers.

If it is a continuation of the UK series, sad news for those wishing for Gareth David-Lloyd's return as the ghost of Torchwood past: his April schedule has been packed with extraneous events.

Eve Myles' involvement in the new series remains unknown, but we can hope.

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Now I dunno about you lot, but I think moving Torchwood to the USA is a mistake!!! Especially on FOX???!!! RTD what are you thinking??? It is bad enough that they cut out so much over here but how exactly do you think Torchwood will be with the restrictions and what nots over here? Might be ok if it were to be played on a cable channel like HBO or Cinemax or something that can get away with the content that Torchwood sometimes has in it. I love Torchwood and I just think it would.ld be a disaster...Remember what happened last time Fox tried to, re-make I guess you could say, a UK series (Doctor Who - the 8th doctor)? It was horrible!!! They practically destroyed it!! Americanizing anything that is brilliant from the UK is just wrong!!! RTD I know you are here in the US but please don't do this, don't take our Torchwood as we know it and let the US networks butcher it...PLEASE!!!!


The Acrobatic Flea said...

Er... didn't you see all over da Interwebz last week that Fox has shelved its plans to be involved in the American take on Torchwood?

Patar said...

i completely agree!! Torchwood in america would just destroy it. It's british and proud :D


No Flea I'm sorry but I did not hear that have been lost without the internet/CPU for a bit here and just ready my email. I am glad they shelved it then!! Hopefully RTD will do it the right way!!