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The First Doctor Bio.........

The First Doctor


1963 - 1966


A mysterious character, the Doctor progressed from selfish anti-hero to a more noble figure, defending truth and the innocent. He was by turns casually disdainful yet formally gracious; easily exhausted while walking yet almost gleeful during a physical confrontation; seemingly wise yet prone to mistakes borne of arrogance and rash judgment. He was in short a young man in an old man's body


In his later life, the Doctor had shoulder length, greyish-white hair. He had piercing brown eyes.
The Doctor affected a slightly eccentric Edwardian dress sense, wearing a frock coat and tartan trousers. Occasionally he wore an Astrakhan or a Panama hat. He also sometimes wore a cape. He had reading glasses and used a walking stick which made an effective weapon. The Doctor wore a blue signet ring which had special powers.

This version of the Doctor, in contrast with most that followed, tended to make at least subtle, but often gross, changes to his attire when in Earth's past. In almost every one of his historical stories, he made at least slight alterations to his "standard" wardrobe to make it easier to fit in with the local society, as when he wore a cowboy hat in nineteenth century Arizona.


From the beginning, the First Doctor was a mysterious figure. He appeared to be a frail old man, despite the eventual revelation that he was actually the youngest of the Doctor's incarnations, and yet was possessed of unexpected reserves of strength and will. During this phase in his life, the Doctor was irascible, a brilliant but often short-tempered scientist. He refused to bend his knee to the Kublai Khan, giving rheumatic knees as the reason. He would get particularly snappish with those who doubted the TARDIS could actually travel through space and time. He had no problem hitting a Viking when his own life was threatened.

Other personalities we see in the 1st Doctor:

*Absent Minded
*Quick Witted

Personality Quirks:

*Had a Habit of fumbling his words
*Had a deep and emotional bond with his granddaughter Susan

Favorite Phrases:

*Mm? What's that, my boy?
*Chesterfield / Charlton / Chatterton / Chatterhouse / Chartow

Key Life Events:

*Exiled (or escapes from) Gallifrey with his granddaughter, Susan, and a TARDIS.
*Arrives on Earth in 1963 and sets up a home in London, hiding the TARDIS in a scrapyard.During this time, the Doctor hides the Hand of Omega.
*Kidnaps Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright and takes them away from earth.
*Meets the Daleks for the first time.
*Begins to accept the idea of travelling with non-Gallifreyan companions.
*After defeating a Dalek invasion of earth, leaves Susan to live out her life in the 22nd Century.
*Gains a new companion, Vicki.
*Returns Ian and Barbara to their homeworld and era, having long made peace with them for kidnapping them; immediately gains a new companion in Steven Taylor.
*Through Time Lord intervention, encounters future incarnations of himself on at least two occasions.
*Encounters The Meddling Monk, another Time Lord, for the first time.
*Vicki leaves to make her place in human history; Katarina, believing the Doctor to be a god, joins him in his travels.
*During a single tragic adventure, suffers the death of two companions, Katarina and Sara Kingdom.
*Relationship with Steven Taylor begins to break down, with Steven leaving the TARDIS in anger, only to soon return. Dodo Chaplet accidentially joins the TARDIS crew.
*Steven Taylor leaves the TARDIS, this time for good, in order to help rebuild a civilization.
*Dodo Chaplet is forced to stay on Earth due to injury; the Doctor gains two new companions, Polly and Ben Jackson.
*Meets the Cybermen for the first time, an encounter that physically drains the increasingly frail Doctor.
*Collapses in the TARDIS and regenerates for the first time.

The 1st Doctor was portrayed by William Hartnell


    Born: William Henry Hartnell
    Birth Date: January 8, 1908
    Born In: St. Pancras London, England
    Died: April 23, 1975
    Died In: Marden, Kent, England
    Father: Unknown
    Mother: Lucy Hartnell (unwed mother)
    Spouse(s): Heather McIntyre 1929-1975
    Daughter: Anne

    TV Appearances:

    1957 - The Army Game - as CSM Bullimore
    1959 - Dial 999 - as Jeff Richards/Joss Crawford
    1959 - The Flying Doctor - as Abe McKeller
    1961 - Kraft Mystery Theater - as Unknown
    1961 - Ghost Squad - as Fred
    1963 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor
    1968 - Softly Softly - as Henry Swift
    1972 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor

    Film Appearances:

    1929 - The Unwritten Law - as Unknown
    1930 - School For Scandal - as Unknown
    1931 - Man of Mayfair - as Unknown
    1932 - Diamond Cut Diamond - as Unknown
    1932 - Say It with Music - as the Judge
    1933 - The Lure - as Billy
    1933 - Follow the Lady - as Mike Martindale
    1933 - I'm an Explosive - as Edward Whimperley
    1934 - The Perfect Flaw - as Vickers
    1934 - Seeing is Believing - as Ronald Gibson
    1935 - Swinging the Lead - as Freddy Fordum
    1935 - While Parents Sleep - as George
    1935 - The Guv'nor - as Car Salesman
    1936 - Nothing Like Publicity - as Pat Spencer
    1936 - Midnight at Madame Tussauds - as Stubbs
    1936 - Parisian Life - as Unknown
    1938 - They Drive by Night - as Bus Conductor
    1939 - Too Dangerous to Live - as Unknown
    1940 - Murder Will Out - as Dick
    1941 - Freedom Radio - as Radio Operator
    1942 - The Peterville Diamond - as Joseph
    1942 - Flying Fortress - as Gaylord Parker
    1942 - They Flew Alone - as Collie
    1942 - the Goose Steps Out - as German Officer
    1942 - Sabotage at Sea - as Jacob Digby
    1943 - The Bells Go Down - as Brooks
    1943 - The Dark Tower - as Towers
    1943 - Suspected Person - as Saunders
    1944 - The Agitator - as Peter Pettinger
    1944 - Strawberry Roan - as Chris Lowe
    1944 - Headline - as Dell
    1944 - The Way Ahead - as Sgt. Ned Fletcher
    1945 - Murder in Reverse - as Tom Masterick
    1946 - Appointment with Crime - as Leo Martin
    1947 - Brighton Rock - as Dallow
    1947 - Odd Man Out - as Fencie
    1947 - Temptation Harbour - as Jim Brown
    1948 - Escape - as Inspector Harris
    1949 - Now Barabbas - as Warder Jackson
    1949 - The Lost People - as Barnes
    1950 - Double Confession - as Carlie Durham
    1951 - The Magic Box - as Sergeant
    1951 - The Dark Man - as Polics Superintendant
    1952 - The Pickwick Papers - as Cabman
    1952 - The Ringer - as Sam Hackett
    1952 - The Holly and the Ivy - as Sergeant Major
    1953 - Will Any Gentleman...? - as Inspector Martin
    1955 - Josephine and Men - as Inspector Parsons
    1955 - Footsteps in the Fog - as Herbert Moresby
    1956 - Tons of Trouble - as Bert
    1956 - Double Cross - as Whiteway
    1956 - Private's Progress - as Sgt. Sutton
    1957 - Date with Disaster - as Tracy Leading
    1957 - Yangtse Incident - as Seaman Frank
    1957 - Hell Drivers - as Cartley
    1957 - The Hypnotist - as Inspector Ross
    1958 - On the Run - as Tom Casey
    1958 - Carry On Sergeant - as Sergeant Grimshaw
    1959 - The Night We Dropped a Clanger - as Sgt. Bright
    1959 - The Desperate Man - as Smith
    1959 - Strictly Confidential - as Grimshaw
    1959 - Shake Hand with the Devil - as Sergeant Jenkins
    1959 - The Mouse That Roared - as Will Buckley
    1960 - Jackpot - as Supt. Frawley
    1960 - And the Same to You - as Wally Burton
    1960 - Piccadilly Third Stop - as Colonel
    1963 - The World Ten Times Over - as Dad
    1963 - To Have and To Hold - as Inspector Roberts
    1963 - This Sporting Life - as Johnson
    1963 - Heavens Above! - as Major Fowler
    1964 - Tomorrow at Ten - as Freddy