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The 7th Doctor Bio.........

The Seventh Doctor


1987-1989 & 1996


It has been suggested (mostly through journeys through the Doctor's psyche) that his sixth self forced a regeneration in his seventh persona because he was too out of control, and was heading down the road to become the Valeyard.

Regardless, when the TARDIS was attacked by the Rani, the Doctor hit his head on the console, and regenerated for a sixth time - allowing his seventh persona to come into being. Following his regeneration he had a slightly comic personality, due mostly to post-regenerative trauma.


The Doctor's outfit in this incarnation was calmer than his previous attire ("Thank goodness in this regeneration I've regained my impeccable sense of haute couture"), but as idiosyncratic as any other.

It consisted of a long off-white jacket with a red paisley scarf worn under its lapels and a matching handkerchief in one of the pockets, a lapel chain, a shirt, a red paisley tie, a yellow and green tank top adorned with red question marks, sand-coloured plaid trousers, white/brown two tone brogue shoes, a Panama hat with an upturned brim and an umbrella with a red question mark-shaped handle.


The personality of the seventh Doctor was originally much more light-hearted and prone to clownish behavior, which masked the Doctor's intellect and courage against evil. However, this was ultimately dropped during the second season as the character took a much darker turn. This "darker" revamp would come to define the character, as the Seventh Doctor became a master manipulator who saw the battle between good and evil as a game of chess and everyone around him as pawns, to be manipulated in the pursuit of stopping evil.

Other personalities we see in the 7th Doctor:
  • Dark
  • Ruthless
  • Manipulitave
  • Mysterious
  • Caring
  • Kind
  • Noble
  • Just
  • Heroic
  • Understanding

Personality Quirks:

  • Loved the game of Chess
  • Had a habit of rolling his r's
  • Constantly wore a hat
  • Tended to be a bit of a clown
  • Pretended to be a fool to trick his Foe's
  • Spoke in a mild Scottish Accent
  • Used his Umbrella for many things

Favorite Phrases:

  • I am the Doctor and this is my friend Ace

Key Life Events:

  • The Doctor regenerates and experiences amnesia. He states that he is 953 years old at this point in his life.
  • Meets Ace for the first time (an event, the Doctor would discover later, was orchestrated by Fenric), and she joins him in his travels after Melanie Bush decides to travel with Sabalom Glitz instead.
  • Returns to London in 1963, not long after the departure of his first incarnation, in order to complete some unfinished business involving the Hand of Omega.
  • The Doctor begins to show a darker side of his personality when he gives the Hand of Omega to Davros in order to ensure the destruction of the planet Skaro.
  • Encounters Lady Peinforte and the Cybermen in another event orchestrated by Fenric.
  • Reunites with The Brigadier, UNIT and Bessie and learns he may someday take on the identity of Merlin.
  • Final showdown with Fenric
  • The Doctor discovers the Master on the Cheetah World
  • The Doctor battles the Timewyrm.
  • The Doctor first meets Professor Bernice Summerfield, and Ace leaves him.
  • Meets Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart, a descendant of The Brigadier, for the first time.
  • An older and wiser Ace rejoins the Doctor.
  • Loss of his TARDIS. He takes an alternative timeline TARDIS left by his third self who, in this universe, has died.
  • The Doctor defeats Mortimus.
  • Ace departs a second time, becoming 'Time's Vigilante' in order to watch over Earth for him.
  • The Doctor changes into a Human.
  • As the events of the novel Human Nature were later adapted for a Tenth Doctor television episode, it is clear that this event is not canon.
  • Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej join the Doctor in his travels.
  • Reunites with Ace and Melanie Bush, and also encounters the Land of Fiction construct, Dr. Who.
  • Meets Jason Kane.
  • Bernice Summerfield marries Jason Kane and leaves the Doctor.
  • The Doctor is reunited with several past companions and friends, including Ace, The Brigadier, John Benton and Mike Yates.
  • Reunites temporarily with Benny
  • Roz Forrester dies and the Doctor suffers a "one-sided" heart attack.
  • Reunites with Peri Brown
  • Reunites with Benny and with Liz Shaw, who dies. The Doctor, in order to save Earth, causes the death of 600 million humans.
  • Settling old family business, the Doctor returns to the House of Lungbarrow on Gallifrey. During the course of events, the Doctor is reunited with Romana, Ace, Leela and both K-9s. Chris Cwej leaves.
  • The Doctor is assigned to transport the remains of The Master from Skaro to Gallifrey but the Master causes the TARDIS to crash-land on Earth in 1999.
  • The Doctor is shot in a gang shootout, and subsequently dies on the operating table during exploratory heart surgery conducted by Grace Holloway.
  • After a delay of several hours caused by the anesthetic, the Doctor regenerates into his eighth incarnation.

The Seventh Doctor is portrayed by Sylvestor McCoy


Born: Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith
Birth Date: August 20, 1943
Born In: Dunoon, Scotland
Father: Percy James Kent-Smith
Mother: Molly Sheridan

TV Appearences:

1964 - Vision On - as Unknown
1974 - Tiswas - as Various Roles
1979 - Jigsaw - as O-Man
1979 - Big Jim and the Figaro Club - as Turps
1979 - Jackanory - as Reader
1981 - Eureka - as Various Roles
1981 - The Secret Policeman's Ball - as Himself
1985 - The Last Place on Earth - as Lt. 'Birdie' Bowers
1986 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor
1988 - What's Your Story? - as the Narrator
1991 - Thrill Kill Video Club - as Spoons
1993 - The Airzone Solution - as Anthony Stanwick
1993 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor
1994 - P.R.O.B.E. - as Dr. Dove
1994 - Frank Stubbs Promotes - as Angus
1996 - Rab C. Nesbitt - as Gash Sr
1996 - Doctor Who - as The Doctor
1997 - Beyond Fear - as Michael Sams
1997 - The History of Tom Jones, The Foundling - as Mr. Dowling
1999 - See It Saw It - as Lord Chamberlain/Aunt Grizelda
2001 - Do You Have a License to Save This Planet? - as The Foot Doctor
2001 - Casualty - as Kev the Rev
2002 - The Bill - Ian Drew
2002 - Hollyoaks - as Leonard Cave
2004 - Still Game - as Archie
2006 - Mayo - as Reverand Beaver
2006 - The Bill - as Morris Shaw
2008 - King Lear - as Fool

Film Appearences:

1979 - All the Fun of the Fair - as Scotch Jack
1979 - Dracula - as Walter
1987 - Three Kinds of Heat - as Harry Pimm
1995 - Leapin' Leprechauns - as Flynn
1996 - Leapin' Leprechauns 2 - as Flynn
2000 - The Mumbo Jumbo - as Mr. Tallman
2002 - The Shieling of the One Night - as Fergus
2009 - Mixed Up - as Fred