Monday, August 18, 2008

2009 Specials: Spoilers/Rumors


Thanks to Whovian-net, we have some of the 1st rumors/spoilers for the 2009 cluster of specials. Some of the following I am almost sure of them being real for I have heard many different times and from many different sources of its contents.

  • The first Special of 2009 will air on BBC One in April 2009.
  • The second will be broadcast on Christmas Day 2009.
  • The third and fourth Specials will air between Boxing Day 2009 and January 1st, 2010.
  • Each special has a running time of 60 minutes.
  • Catherine Tate will be reprising her role of Donna Noble for one of the Specials, as will Bernard Cribbins as Wilf.
  • John Simm will also be returning as the Master for one of the Specials.
  • British actor Brian Blessed will be guest starring in one of the Specials.
  • Georgia Moffett will return as the Doctor's daughter, Jenny, this time reprising the role for the entire fifth series.
  • Steven Moffat is bringing back the Sea Devils in Series 5.
  • Paul McGann will reprise his role as the Eighth Doctor in one of the Specials, although whether or not it will be a cameo (e.g. in a flashback) or a major role has 'yet to be decided'.

Please remember that this is a roundup of the unconfirmed information contained in various emails received at Whovian-net.

And The Schedule May Look Like This...
1. Christmas 2008
2. Easter 2009
3. August or Halloween 2009
4. Christmas 2009
5. New Year's Day 2010