Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fear Factor

Turn Left:

0 min
The BBC One ident provokes discussion.

1 min
A strange drink and a sinister figure intrigue the boys.

3 min
The boys shudder and grimace.

5 min
Harry speculates about Cyber technology.

6 min
The kids are tense. Dad giggles. Mum slaps him.

"Oooh! Oooh! I remember that!" cries Harry. "Watch out for the xxxx!" warns Adam.

8 min
The kids don't believe it, and exchange astonished glances. "That's freaky," decides Samuel.

9 min
The boys cheer. Amy is reassured.

10 min
The family guffaw.

11 min
Harry: "Oh yeah, xxxxxx!" Samuel grins in anticipation.

12 min
A terrible incident. Amy is appalled.

13 min
Samuel has career advice for Gramps.

15 min
"Perhaps saying xxxx makes her xxxxxxxx?" ponders Adam.

16 min
The kids laugh and relax.

17 min
Samuel has a linguistic challenge for Adam.

19 min
That's not what happened! The kids are horrified, and the whole family sit in stunned silence

20 min
"What about xxx xxxxxxx?" asks Adam. "And the xxxxxxxxx," says Samuel.

22 min
Adam: "Oh, no!"

23 min
Amy looks sad. Samuel makes a connection.

24 min
The kids delight is abruptly turned to shock.

26 min
"Who are they?" asks Amy. Harry shakes his head in dismay.

Amy is baffled. Harry rolls his eyes.

28 min
Samuel sings.

29 min
The kids gawp in horror.

30 min
Something Very Bad is happening. It's Mum and Dad's turn to be horrified.

34 min
"She's going to xxxx!" grins Samuel. The kids are all delighted.

35 min
The boys look glum.

37 min
Adam grimaces. Harry's fascinated. Samuel is impressed. Mum shrinks into the sofa.

40 min
Harry slaps his forehead. Adam and Samuel laugh.

41 min
The kids are shocked, but Samuel has a suggestion.

42 min
"Run!" yell the kids, on the edge of their seats.

44 min
Harry puts in head in his hands. Adam and Samuel fidget in agitation. Amy stares at the screen, mouth agape.

45 min
The boys shout advice. Mum groans. Amy is hopeful.

48 min
The kids chatter animatedly: "Smart! Freaky! A really good one! One of the best ever!"