Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Digital Spy.....

This week on Doctor Who, the Doctor goes on a sightseeing trip to a sapphire waterfall on the planet Midnight - but things don't go entirely according to plan. Well, they wouldn't, would they? It's a TV show!


The first thing to note about this episode is that it's very Donna-lite. Production-wise, this ties in with next week's episode, which is veeery Doctor-lite. But more about that next week.So, the Doctor goes on his mystery tour while Donna lounges by the pool, but before reaching its destination the ship suddenly breaks down.

No-one is allowed to venture - or even look - outside because of the lethal extonic rays. A rescue ship is promptly deployed, so everything is fine. Right?Stop that. Stop that.Wrong. Something is out there - and it comes knocking.

This episode features a guest spot from Lesley Sharp (last seen speaking in tongues in Afterlife) as the mysterious Sky, who is convinced that the uninvited visitor has come for her. She's right...

Who said What?

Here are some select quotes from the episode, with the now-customary stars inserted to keep you wondering.


"The history is fascinating because there is ** ****o**."

"98 **i** later."

"You seem to have a certain glee."

"She said she'd get me."

"The *ed*** *a*****."

Oh, one other thing...Don't blink - or you might miss it.How does this episode sound to you?