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The 10th Doctor Bio....

The Tenth Doctor



When the Doctor absorbed the Time Vortex from his companion, Rose Tyler, the forces contained in himself began to destroy every cell in his body. He regenerated for a ninth time to save his life. The Doctor immediately de-materialized the TARDIS from its location on Satellit 5, leaving the now-immortal Captain Jack Harkness behind. The Doctor piloted the ship back to the Powell Estates in London on Christmas Eve 2006 and lapsed into a comatose state, but snapped out of it briefly and then for a longer time in order to beat back an invasion of planet Earth by the Sycorax on Christmas morning. During this adventure he had his hand cut off while in a sword fight with the Sycorax leader but, still retaining enough cellular energy from his regeneration, grew it back.


Although a bit disappointed after his regeneration of not being ginger, he seems to have done well with his brown hair that has had many different styles through the series.

He wears pin strip suits with a shirt and tie and a light brown overcoat that he claims being given to him by Janis Joplin.He proudly sports his wearing Trainers that range in colors of white, cream, black, and red thus far.

When he is wanting to look intelligent, even though he needs not to wear them, he tends to wear a pair of dark tortoise shell rectangular framed glasses that he himself has called "the brainy specs".


The Tenth Doctor generally displays a light hearted, talkative, easy going, witty and has a somewhat of a cheeky manner about him.

Other personalities we see the the Tenth Doctor include:

*Somewhat egocentric
*Has a strong personal sense of justice
*Quick jumps to anger when felling violated
*Has tendency to babble
*Acts erratically
*Kind cheeky (as Captain Jack said)
*Techno babbles to describe scientific concepts before explaining in a simpler way
*Openly fond of mankind
*More romantic in a sense then his previous regenerations
*Has a remarkable sense of taste
*Can be rude on an occasion

Personality Quirks:

*Has a strong dislike for pears
*Sometimes has trouble with ordinal lists,starting with one numbering system(1,2,3 ,etc.)and switching to another (a,b,c,etc.)
*Can be absent minded
*Enjoys making abstruse English puns
*Frequently references to 20th Century pop culture
*Fond of Rock n Roll
*Loves little shops
*Relies heavly on his Sonic Screwdriver
*Carries a number of things in his pockets

Favorite Phrases:

*That's impossible
*I'm sorry, I'm so sorry

Key Life Events:

  • Still in the first 15 hours of his new regeneration, the Doctor defeats the Sycorax but loses his right hand in the process; he immediately regrows the lost limb but the original hand is later obtained by Captain Jack Harkness and preserved whıch later becomes a clone Tenth Doctor.
  • Meets Queen Victoria while fighting the Werewolf. Is dubbed Sir Doctor of TARDIS by the Queen, but then named an enemy of the state and technically banished from Britain.
  • Reunites with Sarah Jane Smith and K-9; rewards Mickey Smith for his help by allowing him to become a companion.
  • Meets Madame de Pompadour at several times in her life and shares a romantic bond with her. Is upset at her death.
  • Encounters the Cybus Cybermen on a parallel Earth.
  • Sees Mickey Smith off on the same parallel Earth.
  • Encounters the Ood on Sanctuary base 6 and suffers the loss of his TARDIS making him stranded on Krop Tor.
  • Stops the Beast and was Reunited with the TARDIS and saves the personnel of Sanctuary Base 6.
  • Encounters the Cult of Skaro and Defeats the Daleks and Cybermen by putting them into The Void.
  • Unwillingly separated from Rose, who also remains trapped on a parallel Earth (aka "Pete's World"). Prevented from expressing his feelings towards her in their final meeting, this has a longstanding emotional impact on him.
  • First meeting with Donna Noble
  • In Royal Hope Hospital, medical student Martha Jones joins the Doctor travels.
  • Takes Martha to New Earth, Frees the Motocars from the Macra, and Hears the Face of Boes last words..."You Are Not Alone".
  • Once again Meets the Cult of Skaro and Defeats them all but Dalek Caan; who escapes.
  • Changes all the cells in his body into human ones to avoid The Family, and spends several months as John Smith; in his human guise meets and falls in love with Joan Redfern.
  • Discovers he is not the last surviving Time Lord when he discovers the Master living in the far future, disguised as a human. Also, reunites with both Jack Harkness and his severed hand.
  • Martha decides to leave the Doctor.
  • Meets his Fifth Incarnation.
  • Meets Astrid Peth on board the space ship Titanic.
  • Reunites with Donna while facing Miss Foster; she asks to join him in his travels.
  • Reluctantly triggers the destruction of Pompeii in order to preserve the web of time and prevent an invasion of Earth.
  • Frees the Ood from Slavery.
  • While reuniting with Martha Jones and UNIT, encounters his old enemy, the Sontarans.
  • Causes the creation of his daughter, Jenny on the planet Messaline; believes her to be dead.
  • Meets River Song, a woman from his future.
  • Discovers that his abilities are evolving beyond what normal Time Lords are capable of.
  • Is killed in an alternate timeline while destroying the Racnoss in their base under the River Thames. It happens too fast for him to regenerate. It is possible that he drowns.
  • Reunites with former companions while facing the Daleks and Davros. He also meets Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones and Luke Smith for the first time.
  • Starts to go through a Regeneration after being shot by a Dalek but sends the energy into his hand in the jar. This causes another doctor to be born from the energy in the hand.
  • Defeats Davros.
  • Leaves Rose Tyler on Bad Wolf Bay whilst she is kissing the human Doctor.
  • Removes Donna Noble's memories and leaves her forever.
  • Encounters the Cybermen for a third time.

The Tenth Doctor is portrayed by David Tennant


Born: David John McDonald

Birth date: April 18, 1971

Born in: Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

Father: Reverend Alexander ("Sandy") McDonald

Mother: Hellen McDonald

Brother: Blair

Sister: Karen

TV Appearances:

Unknown - Only Human - as Tyler

1988 - Dramarama - as Neil McDonald

1993 - Rab C Nesbitt - as Davina

1993 - The Tales of Para Handy - as John MacBryde

Unknown - Strathblair - as Hiker 2

1994 - Takin' Over the Asylum - as Cambell Bain

1995 - The Bill - as Steve Clemens

1996 - A Mug's Game - as Gavin

1997 - Holding the Baby - Nurse

1998 - Duck Patrol - Simon "Darwin" Brown

1999 - The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries - as Max Valentine

2000 - Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) - as Gordon Stylus

2001 - People Like Us - as Rob Harker

2002 - Foyle's War - Theo Howard

2003 - Posh Nosh - as Jose-Luis

2003 - Trust - as Gavin MacEwan

2003 - Spine Chillers - as Dr. Krull

2004 - The Deputy - as Christopher Williams

2004 - He Knew He Was Right - as Rev Gibson

2004 - Traffic Warden - as The Traffic Warden

2004 - Old Street - as Mr. Watson

2004 - Blackpool - as Detective Inspector Carlisle

2005 - Casanova - as Giacomo Casanova

2005 - The Quartermass Experiment - as Dr. Gordon Briscoe

2005 - Doctor Who - as The Tenth Doctor

2005 - Secret Smile - as Brendan Block

2006 - The Romantics - as Jean-Jacques

2006 - The Chatterley Affair - as Richard Hoggart

2006 - Who Do You Think You Are? - as himself

2007 - Recovery - as Alan Hamilton

2007 - Comic Relief - as Mr. Logan/The Tenth Doctor

2007 - Dead Ringers - as Regenerated Tony Blair

2007 - The Human Footprint - as Narrator

2007 - Live Earth - as himself

2007 - Learners - as Chris

2008 - Einstein and Eddington - as Sir Arthur Eddington

2008 - Friday Night Project - as Guest Host

2008 - Darren Brown's Trick or Treat - as himself

2008 - The Andrew Marr Show - as himself

Film Appearances :

1996 - Jude - as Drunk Under Graduate

1997 - Bite - as Alastair Galbraith

1998 - LA without a map - as Richard

1999 - The Last September - as Captain Gerald Colthurst

2000 - Being Considered - as Larry

2001 - Sweatnight Goodheart - as Peter

2003 - Nine 1/2 Minutes - as Charlie

2003 - Bright Young Things - as Ginger Littlejohn

2005 - Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - as Barty Crouch Jr.

2006 - Free Jimmy - as the voice of Hamish