Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Episode 5: The Poison Sky




AIR DATE: May 3, 2008

VILLAINS: The Sontaran's, Luke Rattigan, Martha's Clone

OTHER CHARACTERS: Martha, Wilfred, Sylvia, Colonel Mace, Captain Price

LOCATION: London, England 2008


leaving off from the previous episode, Sylvia frees Wilfred from the car by smashing the window with an axe. The Doctor and Donna leave and return to the factory and The Doctor has Donna go to the TARDIS to be safe until he can figure out what the Sontaran's are up to. Martha's clone helps the Sontarans capture the Tardis to there ship. When The Doctor realizes he is trapped on Earth he trys to get Staal to let him in on his plans. Staal being to smart for that,but is tricked by the Doctor to move the Tardis out of the war room, where Donna would be able to help the Doctor.

U.N.I.T. disregards the Doctor's warning about not striking back at the Sontarans with Nuclear weapons but Martha's clone however stops them from doing so everything, which indicates that the Sontarans are needing the atmosphere this way for their agenda. The Sontarans, led by Commander Skorr"the blood bringer", teleport into the factory to destroy U.N.I.T. With the Sontaran's jamming most of the firearms, U.N.I.T. doesn't stand a chance. Meanwhile, Rattigan is on the Sontaran ship believing he is to valuable to them, quickly learns that the Sontarans had to intention of bring him along and Rattigan escaped through the teleport before they can kill him.

During the fiasco, The Doctor tells Donna how to get the Tardis back to earth by reopening the teleport pods. As Donna is doing that, U.N.I.T. begins a counter attack by using non copper bullets and using the engines of The Valiant to clear the gas. U.N.I.T. now has the advantage point to the Sontarans. Having figured out that Martha's Clone has been with them the whole time, he makes his way back to the cloning room wear Martha is being help and severs the connection between then leaving the clone to die. Before it does, Martha get the clone to tell the Sontarans plan and why they need the gas in the atmosphere. With Donna's help, The Doctor is able to reactivate the pods, allowing Donna and The Tardis to return to earth, and they all teleport to Rattigan's mansion.

The Doctor starts to build and atmospheric converter using Rattigan's students projects and ignites the atmosphere destroying the gas. Knowing the Sontarans, The Doctor knows he must stop them and teleports on to their ship with the converter. Struggling with pushing the button to destroy them as well as himself, Rattigan teleports changing places with the Doctor and destroys the Sontarans. With everything back to normal, Martha says her good byes and prepares to go home. But, as she starts to leave, the TARDIS locks the doors and starts to rapidly pilot itself with all 3 on board to an unknown destination.