Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Episode 4: The Sontaran Stratagem

The Sontaran Stratagem



AIR DATE: April 26, 2008

VILLA NS: Sontarans, Luke Rattigan, Martha Clone

OTHER CHARACTERS: Wilfred, Sylvia, Martha, Ross Jenkins, Colonel Mace

LOCATION: London, England 2008


Martha Jones calls the Doctor back to Earth to help her during an investigation by U.N.I.T. Martha, after welcoming The Doctor and Donna, authorizes U.N.I.T. soldiers to raid an ATMOS(atmospheric Omissions System)factory. Atmos is a satellite Navigation System developed by a spoiled brat like child prodigy named Luke Rattigan. The Doctor is asked to help because of the potentiality of the system being alien and that Atmos may have been the cause of 52 deaths that happened spontaneously a few nights prior. Donna discovers that The Doctor used to work for U.N.I.T. in the late twentieth century.

As the Doctor investigates, he goes to see Rattigan for some answers only to find that he is working with and old enemy of The Doctor's, The Sontarans, led by General Staal "the undefeated". Back at the factory, Martha is captured by twoU.N.I.T. officers that are under the mind control of the Sontarans, and is cloned to be used as a tactical advantage against U.N.I.T.

While everything is going on, Donna goes home for a visit to tell her grandad(Wilfred) and her mum(Sylvia) about the Doctor, but just tells Wilf for fear of her mother's response. At the end of the episode, The Doctor catches up with Donna and investigates the ATMOS system on her car.Doing so causes it to activate and release poisonous gas into the air. Wilfred attempts to get the car off the road but becomes trapped in it choking on the gas. General Staal activates the rest of the 400 million cars that are installed with ATMOS all around the globe. Donna yells for help to get her grandad out of the car while The Doctor watches helplessly as the rest of the cars release the poisonous gas into the air all around him.