Thursday, June 16, 2011

TV Line Scoops

Question: You’ve been awfully quiet about Torchwood: Miracle Day after announcing that you received the first three episodes. What say you, oh wise one? —Claire

I say with a heavy heart that I liked it, but I didn’t love it. The show has always zigged and zagged between multiple personalities — and unapologetically so. It’s part soap opera, part sci-fi thriller, part cheesy B-movie, part a few other things, just for fun. And that schizophrenia has always been a part of its charm. But in the U.S.-set Miracle Day, the bouncing between tones seems more pronounced, making it hard to tell whether we’re supposed to be laughing with the show or at it. Perhaps even more upsetting (to me, anyway) is that the premise sounded so provocative — everyone on Earth stops dying. Yet the execution over the first few episodes was decidedly (gasp) boring. (Too much time is focused on the Americans learning what and who Torchwood is. And the less said about the dull, duller, dullest Bill Pullman subplot, the better.) But like I said, I didn’t hate it. In fact, with Jack and Gwen still their awesome selves, I did like it, at least. On top of that, the Jane Espenson-penned Episode 3 — featuring two TV-MA-rated sex scenes (one straight, one gay) — was a marked improvement over the first two, so, assuming the momentum continues, a “miracle” may yet occur.

Source: TV Line