Saturday, June 4, 2011

S6 EP3 The Curse Of The Blackspot

The Curse Of The Blackspot


AIRDATE: May 7,2011

COMPANIONS: Amy Pond, Rory Williams


OTHER CHARACTERS: Henery Avery, Toby Avery

LOCATION: Earth 1699, Mirror universe 1699


On a becalmed ship, a man with a minor cut is brought to the captain, Henry Avery. Avery says that he is a dead man after a black spot is found on the man's palm. An eerie song is heard outside. The wounded man leaves with sword in hand, and is heard screaming. When the crew leaves the cabin, Avery remarks that his disappearance is the same as 'all the others' with no sign of what happened. A banging is heard below the deck; a wooden grille is flipped open to reveal the Doctor, Amy and Rory, with the TARDIS behind them.

In Avery's rooms, the Doctor says the TARDIS picked up the ship's distress signals, though the crew never made any signals. When the Doctor says the trio are sailors, he is held at gunpoint, as they are believed to be stowaways, and later made to walk the plank. The Doctor notices that the ship is too big for a crew of five, before Amy is shoved below the deck to be put to work, but emerges in pirate attire, sword and all. She quickly engages in sword fights with some of the crew, cutting a man's hand in the progress, and when she drops the sword it cuts Rory as well. She is surprised by the over-reactions of the crew, and by the black spots which quickly appear on both of the men's hands.

The strange song is heard again; Rory and the wounded pirate begin to act like fools. A ghostly blue woman (who the crew refer to as a demon) rises from the sea and lands on the deck, stretching out her hand to the men. The wounded pirate takes it and instantly disappears with a scream. When Rory begins to walk towards her, Amy steps between the demon and him. The demon turns red and hisses at Amy, sending her flying across the deck. As the crew head below deck with the Doctor, Amy and Rory, the crew refer to the demon as the Siren; she has been taking any members of the crew with the smallest wound, as if she can smell blood. A man suddenly realises there is a leech on his leg; as everyone scrambles out of the water, a black spot appears on his hand. The Siren appears in the room and takes the bleeding man. The Doctor concludes that she is using water as a portal, and so the group head to the driest room on board- the armoury. They discover Avery's son Toby (whom he abandoned) hiding, and clearly ill. He explains that his mother died the previous winter and he wanted to meet his father, an honorable Captain in the Navy. He also reveals that he has the black spot, despite having no wounds. The Doctor concludes that the Siren is coming for the sick as well as the wounded.

Avery and the Doctor head to the TARDIS. Once there, the Doctor begins to try explaining the function of his console beginning with navigation, only to be suprised that Avery has quickly gotten the hang of it. Suddenly, the TARDIS begins to dematerialise. Not knowing where it's going, the pair leave only to see the TARDIS vanish. The Boatswain and Mulligan (two remaining crew) plan to leave the ship, revealing to Toby that his father is a pirate. Still loyal to his father, Toby grabs a sword and cuts Boatswain, as the Mulligan leaves. Mulligan, Avery and the Doctor all run into each other, and Mulligan is chased into a small room, where he accidentally burns himself. The Doctor hears the Siren's song and sees a glow from under the door. They enter the room, but there is no water; she doesn't just use water as a portal, but any reflective surfaces. They run back to Amy, Rory and Toby, and they realise that the only option is to sit and wait.

As everyone sleeps, Amy sees the Eye Patch Lady looking at them through a hatch in the door; the hatch quickly disappears. As she goes to tell the Doctor, a storm begins, and all head up to the deck to lift the sail. A crown Avery had been unable to throw away falls out of his coat and the Siren emerges, taking Toby, but the Doctor throws the crown overboard before she can take Rory. However, Rory is knocked overboard and begins to drown; knowing he will die anyway, the Doctor allows the Siren to come and take Rory. The remaining three prick their fingers and allow themselves to be taken.

They touch the Siren's hand and suddenly find themsleves in a high-tech space ship that is taking up the same space as the Fancy. The Doctor, Amy, and Avery walk through the ship to find that all of the crew had died long ago from an earth diesase.

The Doctor leads them further into the ship, where they find sick bay. In the sick bay are all the crew members, Toby and Rory as well as the TARDIS. Amy attempts to unhook Rory from the machine he's hooked up to, but the Siren appears and hisses her away. The Doctor explains that the Siren is not a demon, but rather, a virtual doctor who takes the appearance of the species she treats. Amy once agian tries to help Rory, but the Siren doesn't allow her near him. Crying over the safety of her husband, Amy complains about the Siren not leting Rory's wife take care of him. The Doctor then realises that the Siren will not let anyone help her, prompting him to have Amy show her ring to her to prove that they're "connected". The Siren produces a glowing yellow arch on her hand and the Doctor explains that its a contract of consent that Amy will take responsiblity for Rory. Amy "signs" the contract.

However, upon unplugging Rory from life support, the Doctor realises that if Rory is disconnected, he will drown. However, Rory is sure that Amy will save him and he begins to inform her how to perform CPR. In the meantime, Avery tries to make sense of the life support machine Toby is hooked up to as the Doctor explains that if he's taken off life support, he'll die of his fever. Avery decides to captain the vessel, with the Doctor wondering if he can handle such advanced technology. Avery makes a similar remark as to when they were in the TARDIS when he commented that "a compass is a compass", assuring the Doctor that he can. Amy and the Doctor disconnect Rory from life support and pull him into the TARDIS as Amy begins CPR to revive him. Though it seems unsucessful, Rory does recover after a minute, sharing a loving hug with Amy.

Back on the ship, Avery takes the captain's seat with Toby taking co-pilot and the crew behind them. They set off on a journey to see Sirius up close.

In the TARDIS, Amy and Rory says good-night to the Doctor, who seems to be worries about Amy. The Doctor says that he always worries about her, prompting Amy to remember his death. Amy and Rory head off to bed while the Doctor looks at his monitor, one agian viewing Amy's pregnancy going between positive and negative.