Wednesday, May 4, 2011

S6 EP2 Day Of The Moon



AIRDATE: April 30,2011

COMPANIONS: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song


OTHER CHARACTERS: Canton Everett Deleware III, President Nixon, Little Girl

LOCATION: Area 51 1969, America, The Tardis

PLOT: Three months after Amy shot at the little girl, she is chased down in the middle of the Valley of the Gods in Utah. She has strange pen markings all over her skin. Eventually, she is cornered between two SUVs and a cliff face. Canton Delaware advises her to surrender, but eventually shoots her. Her body is brought before the Doctor, who is being kept prisoner at Area 51 in chains and a straitjacket.

River Song, also covered in markings, is caught in New York, between the unfinished edge of a skyscraper and Canton's FBI unit. She decides to jump instead of being arrested. Finally, Rory -- also covered in markings -- is shot on a dam. He is also taken to the Doctor, who is now having a wall built around him -- blocks of Dwarf Star Alloy that seal together perfectly to make one solid box. It is soundproof and impregnable -- the perfect prison. As it is finished, Canton steps inside and seals the door from the inside.

Once the door is closed, the pretence is dropped and the Doctor easily frees himself. Amy and Rory free themselves from the body bags, and Canton takes on a much friendlier tone with the three. After saving River from the fall by landing the TARDIS on the side of the building and opening the doors into the swimming pool, the three begin to clean themselves of markings, which are actually tally charts of how many aliens they had seen in the three months. The aliens have been found to be everywhere, all across the world. It is not an invasion --- they've been here all along. In private, Amy tells the Doctor she is not actually pregnant - she made a mistake.

The Doctor implants each occupant of the TARDIS with a nanorecorder. It flashes red when a message has been left, and after Canton casually adjusts the Doctor's bowtie, the Doctor points out to him that his is already flashing. The message begins "How the hell did it get in here?!", and when Canton turns around, sure enough, there is an alien standing in the TARDIS behind him. But it is not a real alien; the Doctor has extrapolated the image of the alien from Amy's phone and turned it into a hologram, which is now being projected behind Canton. Even though it is only an image, it is still impossible to remember it once you are no longer looking directly at it. The message also contains the Doctor's voice, telling Canton to turn around and straighten the Doctor's bow tie after he stops looking at the hologram. Like a post-hypnotic suggestion, it was the last thing in Canton's head when he looked away, so he did that. Even the information would eventually disappear.

Canton and Amy investigate a children's home, where the girl in the astronaut suit may have been taken from. The only person in the building believes that it is 1967, not 1969, and he is delirious. Amy begins to explore, when a room door locks itself. She notices her hand is flashing - the message she left herself advises her to leave, as do markings on the wall. She realises that she has begun to tally her arms again, and she is covered in marks. She looks up - the ceiling is completely covered with a group of sleeping Silence.

She runs out of the room, quickly forgetting her encounter. Down the hallway, she sees a mysterious woman with an eye patch looking out from a slot hole in a metal door. She goes to investigate, but finds the room empty -- and the slot hole on the door gone. Inside she finds a photo of herself with the girl as a baby. Suddenly the girl in the astronaut suit walks into the room and begs Amy to help her. Before she can do anything, however, a pair of Silence enter the room and trap her.
Amy is confronted by the girl and the Silence.

Canton hears Amy's screams and an alien suddenly appears in front of him. Canton activates his nanorecorder, then interrogates the alien. After it haughtily states that as the rulers of the planet, its people do not need to carry weapons, Canton pulls out his gun and shoots the alien, badly wounding it.

The Doctor, meanwhile, has been busy -- he is apprehended at NASA after breaking into the Command Module, Columbia, atop the Saturn V rocket, and rearranging some of the electronics to add one of his own devices into the compter. After President Richard Nixon arrives with Rory and River Song, disguised as office workers, and orders the Doctor's release, he receives a call from Canton, asking for help.

Amy has gone missing, and her nanorecorder left on the floor of the girl's room. It has been switched from recording to live broadcast -- Amy's current words can be heard. They also find the girl's astronaut suit which now lies empty on the floor, with a hole ripped in it from the girl escaping. The Doctor confronts the wounded alien and asks who and what it is. The alien reveals its species name to be "the Silence", and warns the Doctor that "silence will fall" - echoing the warnings of Prisoner Zero.

While Rory, River and the Doctor set about finding Amy, Canton returns to the cell at Area 51 with the Silent in tow, and talks with it. The alien gloats that the Silence have ruled the world since the Stone Age. It tells him that it was a mistake to bandage him and, when asked what the Silence would do in the Humans' place, responds "you should kill us on sight". Canton reveals that he recorded this on Amy's video phone - despite not understanding what a "video phone" is - and leaves. As Canton has been gone several days, the soldiers are naturally curious -- they calm down after President Nixon puts in another appearance.

Elsewhere, in the Florida warehouse the found the girl in, River and the Doctor begin to dissect the astronaut suit. They find it is, in fact, a perfect life support machine -- this is how the girl could survive Amy shooting her. It is comprised of at least 20 different types of alien tech, and the occupant would not even have to eat to survive while wearing it. River wonders if the suit could move without an occupant, remembering that the girl said an astronaunt was coming to eat her. She comes to the realization that is exactly what happened; the suit "swallowed" her.

Meanwhile, Amy wakes up and finds herself tied to some framework and surrounded by the Silence in their console room. The Silence inform her that she has been there for several days and that she will help "bring the silence."

The launch of Apollo 11 goes off without a hitch, and the Doctor tracks the signal from Amy's nanorecorder to the room where she is being held. He brings an old television with him, and River brings her gun - she claims she could take down at least seven should they choose to attack. The Doctor doesn't seem to mind, unusually. He sets up the television in time for the live broadcast of the famous "One small step" speech, but hacks into the signal just as Neil Armstrong's foot touches the lunar surface. As it does, the image turns to Canton's video of the Silent saying "You should kill us all on sight" -- in short, sealing the fate of all the Silence on the planet, since every human will see it at some point in their lives, and being quite possibly the most famous TV broadcast in history. The post-hypnotic suggestion of the Silent's appearance will command every human who ever sees the footage to kill the Silence on sight, meaning that they are doomed.

Enraged the Doctor's victory, Silence try to attack the Doctor, prompting River to shoot all the aliens present, while the Doctor and Rory free Amy. They withdraw to the TARDIS, and Canton is delivered to the Oval Office, where Nixon asks the Doctor if he will be remembered since Canton told him about the Doctor being from the future. The Doctor replies by telling him "They'll never forget you," without going into detail. As the TARDIS disappears, Canton asks the President if he can rejoin the FBI, who had fired him because he wishes to be married. Nixon realises that, since he is asking the President for help, Canton's girlfriend must be "black", and he states he is quite liberal, and that he's sure he can help Canton. Canton corrects the President -- "she" is actually a "he". Nixon stops talking, but is visibly disturbed.

River Song is delivered back to jail, where the Doctor offers River the chance to stay out of jail and travel with him, but River declines, telling him that she made a promise to stay locked up. The Doctor wonders who made her promise that and as usual, River tells him to wait for it to happen in his future. The Doctor prepares to leave, but River stops him, saying he's forgotten something. As the Doctor asks her what he forgot, River pulls him into a kiss. The Doctor breaks off, shaken and not knowing how to react. River wonders if he has kissed her before as the Doctor casually lies they have and bolts into the TARDIS, leaving. River realizes that because this is their first kiss from the Doctor's perspective, that from her perspective, she will never kiss him again.

While the Doctor and Amy talk, Rory spies on their conversation using Amy's nanorecorder. Amy had not told the Doctor or Rory she thought she was pregnant since she is worried that the TARDIS may have had an effect on the child, giving it abnormalities such as multiple heads or something worse. Amy knows Rory is spying on them and tells him to come over to the console, chidding Rory for eavesdropping and reassures him that he is safe. The Doctor prepares to set the TARDIS on a course for a new adventure as he has the TARDIS scan Amy for pregnancy -- it filckers between a postive and a negative reading. The Doctor is mildly disturbed by this, but sets a course to take his mind off it.

Added by MadMatt86Six months later, in New York, the girl, coughing, comes across a homeless man in the street. She tells the man that she is dying, "but that's OK, because it's easy to fix". To the man's astonishment -- and terror, resulting in him fleeing -- the girl begins to regenerate.