Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canton Everett Delaware III......Look Firmiliar??

Mark Sheppard
Doctor Who fans know him as Canton Everett Delaware III but in real life he is known as Mark Sheppard who was born May 30 1964 in London, England and currently resides in LA with his wife and two sons. In Doctor Who his character has an American accent even though he is in fact I know, your probably saying he looks really familiar?! Well, your right! But we will get back to where you have seen him before soon enough.

Canton Everett Delaware III (older version)
Now remember in the beginning of the first episode The Impossible Astronaut, after the whole wtf moment when we see the Doctor murdered. We are introduced to the gentleman seen above. Well here is something you may not know. The older version of Canton Everett Delaware III(seriously, did his parents not like the poor kid?? .lol) is portrayed by actor William Morgan Sheppard, Mark Sheppard's actual father in real life! How nice it must have been for Mark Sheppard to work with his father on the same show.

Mark Sheppard has said that Doctor Who was a childhood favorite and he was very happy to have had the pleasure in being cast in the show. Above is Canton and Amy investigating an old children's home. Below are clips starring Mark Sheppard in The Impossible Astronaut and Day of The Moon.

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut

Doctor Who: The Day Of The Moon

Here is an interview with Mark Sheppard about his portrayal of Canton Everett Delaware III and his love for the show.

Mark Sheppard about Doctor Who

So ok remember how you thought Mark Sheppard looked familiar? Well here are a few things you may have seen him in before. Below are a few pictures and videos of past and present roles he has played over the years. Granted, there have been more things he has appeared in but these are ones that I have seen him in.

If your a sci-fi/paranormal/Horror fan then chances are you, like my household is, a fan of the CW's show Supernatural. Mark Sheppard came to us in season 5 as Crowley, a crossroads demon who wanted to help, as he claimed, the Winchesters destroy the devil, Lucifer. Now if you have seen the show you know his character has a British accent, which by the way is his real accent. (funny how he has and American accent in a British show and his British accent in an American


Crowley popping in to have a chat with Dean and Sam Winchester

Funny Clip about how Bobby sealed a deal with our favorite demon Crowley

Mark Sheppard interview about Crowley

So in Season 6, Mark Sheppard returns as Crowley. However he is no puny crossroads demon anymore since Lucifer was sent back to his cage by the Winchesters, but he is in fact now the King of Hell. Crowley ends up enlisting the Winchesters (against their will) in helping him with his quest to find purgatory, but when Sam and Dean realizes that Crowley really doesn't have what he was holding over their heads, Castiel then destroys him. Now when that happened we were very sad to see Crowley gone! Mark Sheppard's portrayal is brilliant!!

Supernatural Season 6- Meg & Crowley Pictures, Images and Photos
Crowley and another demon Meg in the episode where he is destroyed by Castiel

After we were all sad about seeing the end of Crowley, we find out in the episode "Mommy Dearest" that Crowley is in fact still alive and it seems that he is working for the angel Castiel!! Here is a clip for the upcoming episode "The Man Who Would Be King"

Now in other things Mark has appeared in, this is one of my favorite movies "In The Name Of The Father" which was based on the true life story of the Guildford Four, four people falsely convicted of the IRA's Guildford pub bombings which killed four off-duty British soldiers and a civilian. Mark Sheppard played Paddy Armstrong.


In The Name Of The Father Ending

In 1993 Mark plays Bob/Cecil L'Ively, a man that has the ability of pyrokinesis in The X-files episode "Fire".



X-Files S1 EP12: Fire