Thursday, July 9, 2009


Children Of Earth - Day One


One night in Scotland, 1965, a group of children in a school bus are going to an undisclosed location, when the bus stops. Every child on board leaves the bus, when they are walking towards a bright light getting brighter the closer they get. One of the children, Clement McDonald is very hesitant in approaching, and decides to wait as the light covers a large area.

35 years later, in Cardiff, 2010, at 8:40am, GMT, Gwen Cooper is withdrawing money from an ATM, when she notices two children staying completely still; far from a coincidence, as they are completely unresponsive to their parents. Elsewhere, all the children coming to school all over the United Kingdom freezes for a minute, including when Rhys Williams is trying to truck goods when children block the road. After that minute, the children start moving again, acting like children again. Gwen decides to go to the Hub and investigate.

Meanwhile at a hospital, Dr. Rupesh Patanjali attempts to save a man's life, but he dies. Rupesh sees Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, whom he believes are their neighbours tells them about the death. The two wonder if they can see the body alone, which he grants. When they get their privacy, Jack uses a laser torch to open him up and gather an alien organ, which Torchwood believes is beneficial. Rupesh suddenly enters again, and immediately assumes they're Torchwood, which Jack quickly denies, until he hears from Rupesh that a few ethnic males have disappeared, but Jack thinks the NHS could handle it, and drives away. Meanwhile a woman called Lois Habiba walks into the Home Office and begins work her for her new boss, Bridget Spears; the PA to Permanent Secretary to the Home Office, John Frobisher.

Jack and Ianto get back to the hub and Gwen tells them what has happened. They soon discover that a man Clement MacDonald in a Psychiatric Hospital has also quoted what the children have been saying. Gwen pays him a visit and he says that when he was a child, he was put on a bus and taken far out with a group of children. He escapes though from being abducted. He also reveals to Gwen that she is pregnant. Lois gets a phone call from Torchwood and she begins to dig up information on them by logging on as Bridget. John Frobisher learns the aliens that are responsible are the 456. He has a meeting with the Prime Minister, Brian Green. Green places Frobisher in charge of the crisis so Green can have deniability if the crisis goes wrong.

Back at the hub, Jack and Ianto decided they need to investigate a child that has been affected by the 456. Jack visits his daughter Alice Carter as she has a son i.e his grandson. She says to Jack that she will not let him use Steven. Ianto on the other hand visits his sister and tries to get her to do so. But she has other priorities. Ianto comes out to her. Frobisher orders Susan to order the deaths of Jack and Clement. Clement runs away detecting this but Jack ends up going back to Cardiff hospital and is shot by Rupesh even though Jack had considered hiring him as the new medical officer. Government Assassin Agent Johnson comes in and places a detonator in Jack's body. She then shoots Rupesh to stop Jack from using him to find out why he was shot. Using a scanner in the Torchwood hub Gwen realises that Clement's claims are true. Jack runs in and sees. He places his hand on hers, scanning himself. It is revealed that there is a bomb in his stomach. Seconds later, Ianto and Gwen escape and the hub blows up.