Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sun.....Suits Who, Sir!

NEW timelord Matt Smith films his first Doctor Who episodes - dressed like a geography teacher.

It looked like the latest Doc had travelled back in time to the place fashion forgot.

He donned a tweed jacket with elbow patches, braces and a bow tie for the latest series, which is set to feature the timelord's WIFE - played by Alex Kingston.

Matt, 26, also wore black boots and rolled-up trousers.

The preppy, old-fashioned look recalled bow-tie wearing Patrick Troughton, who played the second Doctor in the 1960s.

It's a far cry from the current Doctor, David Tennant, who described his sharp suited and baseball boot look on the BBC1 sci-fi hit as "geek chic".

Accompanying Matt on his adventures is new companion Amy Pond, played by red-haired Karen Gillan, 21.

Box set ... Matt and Karen with the Tardis on Welsh beach

It looked as if the Scots beauty had taken style tips from Tennant as she wore blue baseball boots with her mini-skirt and blazing red jumper.

She, Matt and Alex, 46, were snapped during filming on Southerndown beach at Bridgend, South Wales.

Matt said: "I feel very privileged and proud to be part of this iconic show. I'm excited about the future."

Lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffatt said: "Matt and Karen are going to be incredible, and Doctor Who is going to come alive on Saturday nights in a whole new way."

The 13-episode series is due to be screened next spring.