Friday, April 10, 2009

Fear Forcast

Planet of the Dead

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters preview Planet of the Dead. Come back after the episode for their full review.

1 min
"Indiana Jones!"

3 min
"Happy Easter!"

6 min
Adam and Samuel rock in their seats.

8 min
"It sounds like she's left her MP3 player on," Adam says.

11 min
"OK, no way back" surmises Harry.

13 min
Amy looks particularly satisfied.

15 min
"This is putting people off buses," decides Samuel.

16 min

17 min
"Oooh! Oooh! I know them!" yells Harry.

19 min
Samuel taps a familiar rhythm on his chair arm.

24 min
The kids look at Dad inquisitively when he cheers at the mention of a certain name.

26 min
Adam is delighted by the Doctor's conversation.

27 min
"I hope they do a toy of that one."

29 min
A nasty revelation. Harry puts his hand over his mouth. Amy grimaces.

31 min
Shocked faces all round. "Typical woman," says Samuel, but regrets it when he sees Mum and Amy are giving him their special stare.

35 min
"Click click click-click click!" says Amy.

37 min
The kids are very impressed.

38 min
The boys cry out at once.

39 min
Amy tuts disapprovingly.

42 min
"Run! Run! RUN!" shouts Harry helpfully.

44 min
Eye eye!

46 min
The kids gasp in disbelief.

49 min
"Maybe it was F7?" suggests Samuel helpfully.

51 min
"I knew that was going to happen!" smiles Amy, triumphantly.

54 min
The kids can't believe it!

55 min
Samuel's got rhythm...

58 min
Harry and Amy suddenly look quite scared.