Monday, March 2, 2009

Tardis Makeover???!!!

The Tardis will undergo a full redesign when Matt Smith joins the cast as the eleventh Doctor in 2010, it has been claimed.

Producers will radically refit the inside of the time-travelling police box and will also enhance the quality of the exterior, The Mirror reports.

A source said: "It will be the most hi-tech, intricate Tardis ever."

Incoming head writer Stephen Moffat is reportedly interested in making sure the Tardis looks good in high definition.

He is also said to be attempting to distance himself from outgoing executive producer Russell T. Davies, and to herald a new era of the show.

Davies has previously admitted that a move to high definition would require the reconstruction of the Tardis to prevent its "flaws" showing on screen.

OK Now this is starting to confirm my fears of Moffet screwing up the show entirely!!!! Also, The Tardis is one of the main icons of the show!!!


Anonymous said...

I think this is great news, the inside of the Tardis was always changing, at least twice per doctor i think its about time we had a change of set after 5 years to welcome the new doctor, the new series and the new producer.


True it would be cool to see the inside look different but I was assuming that they were talking about the outside!!! I think them changing the outside would not be a good move on their part.

Anonymous said...

i assumed they met new inside and a revamp on the outside, same old police box but better construction. they said there doing it as going to be filmed in HD so they want it to look its best more shinny, again the outside has gone through its minor alterations in design too.

Mofat seems to be a traditionalist, his stories are very classic who, there might be a one of ep where the appearance changes like it did in one of the Colin Baker episodes but i don't think he would change the out side the docotrs very protective over his blue box.

Anonymous said...

me again, just noticed it says

"Producers will radically refit the inside of the time-travelling police box"

"and will also enhance the quality of the exterior"

they mention its still a police box and they only say enhance the quality of the exterior