Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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S2 E1: The Last Sontaran


The legendary Sarah Jane Smith and her young gang of fellow nosey parkers are back for more adventures. Like last year, a familiar foe from the Whoniverse is in town with a cunning plan for global domination. Can a lone Sontaran succeed where the Slitheen failed? Catch the impressive opening episode to find out, but here are a few spoilers - plus one red herring - to keep you going in the meantime.

Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick on a Sontaran ship.

Clyde and Luke use Mr. Smith for computer games.

The Rutans pop up during the episode.

Sarah Jane speaks to old friend Sir Alastair on the phone to find out a vital piece of information.

A Sontaran is accused of being a fan of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movie franchise.

A Predator-style cloaking device is deployed in Goblin's Copse.

Maria's dad Alan receives a very important letter.

S2 E2: The Last Sontaran


The stakes are high during the concluding part of the season's opening story, as Sarah Jane and her pals are holed up in the radio telescope centre. There's plenty of chasing around corridors to pad out the episode, but can you hunt down the red herring amongst the following spoilers?

Sarah Jane is shot.

One of Maria's parents doesn't survive the episode.

Luke has a gas problem.

Chrissy meets Mr. Smith.

A Sleeper Agent is on the loose.

Law Three of Sontaran Battle: Always have a Plan B.

A Sontaran's stumpy fingers are used to thwart the alien invader.