Monday, August 4, 2008

UK VS. US Versions.....


OK I live here in the US, but pretty much everything that is on my TV is all UK shows like Monty Python, LoveJoy, Absolutely Fabulous, Campion, Coupling I am getting as well as many other tv shows and many many movies from the BBC, Hell my fav Dracula of all time is the BBC 1977 version staring Louis Jourdan. (I have been told many times I was born in the wrong but never mind that getting off the subject here lol. I grew up watching Doctor Who since I can remember, I am a HUGE FAN!!! I watch Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures straight from the UK before it is even aired over here and I have to say that I am so glad that I do! I have been watching them as well over here when they are aired on SCI-FI and I have to say, talk about jipping the US fans!!! The Sci-fi network cuts Doctor Who into Pieces over here.... They skip scenes and parts of the show and I think that is bollocks!!! But, it is not just the sci-fi network that cheats the US fans, BBC America does the same thing! Not just with the Doctor Who episodes that they air (although they are way but also with the Torchwood episodes!!! Now I think that it is complete BULL!!!

There are so , so , so many fans here in the US that I really do not think the BBC and DW creators realize. I do not want to bad mouth BBC or the DW creators at all!!! I love and cherish many BBC shows even beyond DW etc. and if it was not for the Creators bringing back DW we would all be bored out of our minds still wishing they would bring it But what I am saying however is that I feel that we should get the entirety of the episodes as well. Also how about making it a bit easier to get DW merchandise ???!!! I have 4 kids that are being brought up on not only the new series but the classic series as well just like how I was! There are so many things that they would like and even stuff I would love to get as well but it is hard to get them from the UK. The magazines are a bit hard to get as well, I would love to subscribe to the magazine as I am sure many other US fans would do... You would think that they would figure out the fact of doubling their profits by sales here in the US. My 2 older ones were wanting to be a Dalek and a Cyberman for Halloween, they have the costumes over in the UK but there is absolutely no where to get such things here.

Maybe if all of us US fans and hey even the UK fans that would like to help out, write letters to the BBC, Sci-fi, BBC America, and anyone else that may help. Write them letters stating how much you would appreciate the full episodes over here, the specials as well (I am wondering if the US are going to be able to partake in enjoying them this year). Mention about the magazines and the merchandise as well!! I know that it can not hurt, but I also know that nothing will change or be done about anything until our voices are heard. I think that if enough people show their support and fandom of the shows and express their interests in wanting things over here as well, then how can they refuse such requests of the fans!!! I know there are thousands if not millions of us sci-fi geeks here!!! Heck! I am one of six in my Even get your children who enjoy watching the shows write one as well, My children are 1 1/2, 4, 7, and 9.....the 2 older ones will be writing one that is for sure! EVERYONE CAN SHOW THERE SUPPORT!!!!!

Ya never know, maybe we can even get them to think about having more conventions here in the US as well???!!! I went to many here in Phila, PA and a few in Trenton, NJ. I got to see some of the greats like Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Watterhouse, Katy Manning just to name a few!!! I would love to continue that tradition with my children and have them meet the people they look up to in these shows. They have a few DW conventions in the US but they are in California mainly and I think 1 in Chicago......there are many fans that can not travel to them but would love to meet these people and such. I for one would love to have one in PHILA, PA!!! So I am working on that as OK getting on a tangent Sorry needed to express my thoughts and upsets and get them off my But at the same time, you are all fans as well and you all may have the same concerns or even some of your own!

Please feel free to leave comments on ideas, info, more subjects in this category, thoughts, or anything.