Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More updates on 2009 Specials......


Some confirmations from the current issue of DWM 399:

  • NO Children In Need special this year. Though RTD does say, "... we hope to have some presence on the actual night."
  • First special in 2009 is being referred to as the "Easter" special. This RUSSELL T DAVIES story is co~written with GARETH ROBERTS and includes a "new monster".
  • CATHERINE TATE to return? If asked she would "jump at the chance" and "anything is possible".

2009 SPECIALS. Rumors/Spoilers!!!!!!


  • The first special is to be televised in April 2009. Running time is an hour.
  • The second special will be broadcast on Christmas Day and, again, will be an hour.
  • The other two specials will be 45 minutes each and hit the small screen sometime between Boxing Day and January 1st 2010. The fourth '2009 Special' may actually be broadcast in 2010.


  • CATHERINE TATE and BERNARD CRIBBINS are to return as Donna Noble and Wilf respectively. I personally hope this happens!!! I loved Donna being with the Doctor and how could anyone not love Wilf!!!
  • JOHN SIMM is to return reprising his role as THE MASTER. I have heard this to be true from many sources and I can not wait to see it!!! I think Simm was a BRILLIANT as The Master!!!!
  • BRIAN BLESSED is star in one of the specials. It is not clear if he is reprising the role of Racanos.But there is a possibility that since RTD has stated, he could be the new monster we are going to see in one of the specials.
  • GEORGIA MOFFETT is returning as The Doctor's daughter, Jenny. This should be happening whether for the specials or for the 5th season, why else would they have her Also have heard some rumors of her becoming The Doctors next companion but we shall
  • THE SEA DEVILS are making a return. They were last seen in the 1984 story WARRIORS OF THE DEEP.RTD better have get them in why he can considering the new writer Moffet has pretty much stated that he is not wanting to combine the classic episodes with the newer ones. Quite frankly I think he is insane and I am really worried of him "moffing" Doctor Who up!!!! Granted the couple episodes he did film were good but remember RTD was there to put his 2 sense in......
  • PAUL MCGANN has been said to return as The Eighth Doctor by some sources though others say this is not the case but they haven't ruled it out either. Been hearing many different stories on this aspect. Most I am feeling that the fans are just really hoping for this to be true.
  • Also PETER DAVISON, SYLVESTER MCCOY and COLIN BAKER have been rumored to appear in some sort of a special all playing their previous selves. Now I have heard this a few times. At first I was hearing it to be a possible Children In Need Special but since DWM 399 has confirmed that there will not be a CIN Special of Doctor Who this year, I think you can throw it out the window. But with RTD still having a few more tricks up his sleeve I would not totally rule it out as he tends to like to pull out all the stops if he Also I think it would be great to have something like that and see if you can not get Christopher Eccleston and Tom Baker to reprise their role as well for a 45th Anniversary special. A meeting of the Timelords of some sort, as one was done in 1983 for the 20th Anniversary Special.