Monday, August 25, 2008


DOCTOR Who is filming two of next year’s four specials in AMERICA—in a move that will boost David Tennant’s career Stateside.

The shows will be the 37-year-old star’s last, then the Doc will regenerate into another actor.
Now this is contradicting what was written just the other day in the BBC stating that Tennant will return as Doctor Who despite rumors of him quiting!!! So I will believe it when I see it....With Tennant's future as The Doctor being such a hush hush from ev1 not saying weither or not he is staying or leaving I just do not see the rumor tabloids knowing this to be 100% true!!!

Viewers will see David arrive in the US to save the world with a BIG-NAME American female assistant. This I can not say wiether or not this to be true......I know we here have not heard anything of Doctor Who being filmed over here, and I am certain we would hear something if it was to be true....But so far I have not heard anything.

Series chiefs are also planning a Doctor Who movie—but it is not known who will be the lead.
This would be great so long as they don't screw it up...I think a Movie could either make or Break them. And please don't make it all

A BBC source said: “Doctor Who already has a huge following in the States. It’s on the Sci Fi channel and is watched by millions of people there every week.

“But two specials in America, with a US setting and a US assistant, will take it to another level. David Tennant is already gaining a huge following and this will make him really hot property.” The four specials will also be the final episodes for show boss Russell T Davies. I think it would be great to have Tennant filming over here for a bit!!! Would prob be the only chance I would get to see him up close!!! Hopefully if they are to film over here it is near me ...anywhere on the East Coast would be

He is handing the reins to producer Stephen Moffat for the next series, in 2010. The insider added: “Russell is determined to go out with a bang and the specials will be explosive.

“We’re spending much more money on them than normal.”

Moffat is working on a Doctor Who film—and would love to get legendary director Steven Spielberg involved. Moffet I would like to see you more concentrated on the series for right now!!! I am already worried of you messing it up, so in my opinion, before you get too big for your britches...lets see if you can handle the Series alone before taking on more then you can handle eh?!

He said: “It would be great to see it in the cinemas—as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the show.”