Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fear Forcast....

Forest of the Dead:

How scary is Doctor Who? Our brave Fear Forecasters present a minute-by-minute teaser guide to Forest of the Dead.

0 min
The pre-titles recap. "Spookiness!" recalls Samuel. The kids chant together: "Donna Noble has been saved. Donna Noble has left the library."

1 min
Harry shakes his head. "Too many shadows!"

2 min
"Cool!" grins Samuel. "Different music for different scenes!"

3 min
"Hey, he knows her!" realises Samuel. "He's the bad guy now!"

4 min
"Very, very interesting," says Samuel and strokes his chin pensively, and decides: "This is getting really strange."

6 min
The kids go "Oooooh" with delight. And then... Harry chews his t-shirt nervously.

7 min
"So has Martha!" says Samuel. Amy smiles.

8 min
"What did she say?" asks Amy. The boys enter into a frenzy of speculation. And then they whoop with delight!

10 min
The kids look at her sadly.

11 min
No time to relax though... The kids jump in their seats!

12 min
There's a strange shape.

13 min
Amy knows that something's very, very wrong...

14 min
"This is so cool!" yells Samuel.

15 min
The kids perch on the edge of their seats...

16 min
"They've got him." Harry winces.

18 min
A very scary moment! Amy and Harry jump! "Woah!" says Adam.

23 min
"What does that mean?" asks Samuel. "What are they teaching kids in Maths these days?" grumbles Dad.

24 min
Harry's delighted! "Don't get any ideas," says Dad.

25 min
The kids' faces light up with excitement.

27 min
Amy bites her bottom lip. Samuel snuggles up to his own Dad.

29 min
The family goggle in amazement.

33 min
Samuel goes "Ooooh" because he's sure he's heard that somewhere before.

35 min
Mum and Amy are upset. "That was cool and strange and sad," whispers Samuel.

36 min
"And so's the train!" grins Adam.

39 min
"Don't leave them there!" shouts Samuel...