Friday, June 27, 2008

Fear Factor.....

The Stolen Earth.

0 min
The kids look for 'Bad Wolf'. Everyone likes Saturdays.

1 min
Adam enjoys a milk shake.

3 min
Amy's delighted!

4 min
The credits earn a big cheer from the kids.

5 min
A visit makes Samuel go: "Woohoo!"

6 min
Samuel and Adam do an impression.

7 min
"This is immense!" Samuel boggles.

10 min
Adam is shocked. Amy is nonchalant. Samuel's reaction makes Mum stare at him in amazement.

11 min
Harry remembers a phrase from years ago.

12 min
The kids' eyes are popping out of their heads.

13 min
"Coooool!" smiles Samuel. A fresh surprise makes the kids yell and laugh.

14 min
Harry punches the air in triumph.

15 min
"Better do as he says," suggests Adam.

16 min
Samuel tries to work out an anagram.

17 min
The kids go: "Ooooooh!"

18 min
Harry sits bolt upright. Samuel bounces up and down on the sofa.

19 min
Adam has a suggestion. Samuel grumbles.

20 min
The kids shout advice at the screen.

21 min
"Look at that bed of needles," says Adam.

23 min
Amy bites her lower lip. "Oh, wow!" murmurs Samuel.

24 min
"Where's that?" asks Samuel. Amy boggles at what the Doctor reveals.

25 min
The kids are dismayed.

26 min
The kids are delighted!

27 min
The kids bounce on the sofa with excitement. Samuel thinks there's room for one more.

31 min
The kids are grinning wildly at the screen.

32 min
Samuel: "There it is!" They all want to use this new information. Whoops of delight from the
33 min
"Aagh!" shouts Samuel.
34 min
A nervous smile from the kids.
35 min
Something makes the whole family go: "Awwwww!"
37 min
Amy wonders about the singing.
38 min
The kids recoil in disgust.
39 min
A piece of news makes Samuel sad. Harry makes a note of some numbers.
40 min
"Don't leave them!" shouts Samuel.
42 min
A thrilling conclusion. The kids are aghast!
43 min
"That was very, very good!" says Samuel. Amy is already speculating about the next episode...