Monday, June 23, 2008

Digital Spy..........

The Stolen Earth

Brace yourself for increasingly louder shouts of 'Woah!' throughout this deliciously action-packed adventure. Despite a procession of familiar faces, this isn't merely an attempt to let fans wallow in the wonders of the Whoniverse. For there's a gripping plot that places the Earth in serious danger, with Graeme Harper's superb direction belonging on cinema screens with its breathtaking scope. Normal service is resumed with Rose Tyler and her dodgy lisp is gone! Anyway, check back after the episode is screened for our full verdict on the episode. For now, here come the drums, the spoilers and three red Daleks. Sorry, we mean red herrings...

* Wilf wields a cricket bat.
(He is holding it in the trailer)

* Davros has been harvesting bees into a new army of Daleks.
(This would explain why they are disappearing)

* The Daleks know the identity of a certain former Prime Minister.
(Please let the Master be coming back!!!)

* Captain Jack becomes angry at Paul O'Grady's effect on Ianto Jones.

* A certain body part in a jar is bubbling.
(well we all know what this is)

* A Dalek exterminates the Torchwood pterodactyl.
(I hope not it is a big part of Torchwood hub)

* The fate of a character from 'Voyage Of The Damned' is revealed.
(Wilf? Mr. Copper? Astrid Peth?)

* Wilf was banned from using a webcam as there were suspicions over what he might use it for.
(not even wanting to go

* Project Indigo holds the key to salvation.
(Definetly in there)

* The Doctor's daughter Jenny is trapped near a black hole, but K-9 is sent to rescue her.
(Possible...Hope they are bringing her back in)

* A Dalek speaks to Mr. Smith.
(Don't know which is worse, Dilect between the Cybermen and Daleks, or Mr. Smith and the

* The Time War was 'time locked', or so thought The Doctor
(Very well possible from the looks of it)