Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Digital Spy on Billie Piper....

Piper: 'I may have ruined my career'
Billie Piper in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
Billie Piper has admitted that going topless in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl could have damaged her Hollywood career prospects.
In an interview with TV Guide, Piper confessed that few A-list actresses show their breasts.She said: "Someone said to me the other day, rather viciously, 'What A-list stars do you see get their t*ts out?' And then I suddenly start thinking, 'Oh, my God, what have I done? I've ruined my future career!'"
Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, which sees Piper play a high-class prostitute, debuted to record ratings on US cable network Showtime when it aired last week.
My Words:
***** Now I wouldn't get my knickers in a knot quite just yet their Billie...Many supposed A-List stars have went either topless or even more at one point or another and they seemed to turn out just fine.....Some being - Jamie Lee Curtis, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, Kelly Preston, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Lane, Emma Thompson, and that is only to name a few!!! You would be surprised how many actresses have revealed themselves in movies whether they were just starting out or deep into their careers and all have had and still have great film careers. So, If I were you I would not worry about what other people say and just be comfortable about what you do with your career. The nasty person who said that to you apparently does not watch many movies and is talking out their rear!!!! So Chin up their Billie Piper, your career is what YOU make out of it!!!!