Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OK I remember RTD stating that there have been clues laid out all over in every Doctor Who since Series 1 with Chris Eccelston leading up to the Series 4 Finale. I think I may have caught a few since I am watching the earlier series to try and catch them. Sorry If I go out of

  • In the 1st series you have the obvious which has come out in Turn Left of Rose Tyler spreading the words "Bad Wolf" all over different universes to warn the Doctor of danger. Here are a few clips showing them......

  • The Time War is mentioned many many times throughout all the series, but still no real details have been revealed. (hopefully this is leading up to it)
  • The Shadow Proclamation has also been mention on a number of occasions which we see are to be in the series 4 Finale. (the albino looking people I am assuming)
  • In the 2nd series, The Parallel Universe has been mention, visited, etc. Although this is not the 1st time the Doctor has travelled to a parallel universe. For those of you who have watched the classic episodes, The Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana travelled to E-Space before which was a type of Parallel universe. In "Rise of the Cybermen", The Doctor Stated: "Used to be easy when the Timelords kept their eye on everything. You could pop between realities home in time for tea. Then they died, took it all with them. Walls of realities closed, the Worlds were sealed." (What if they are not closed and sealed off as he thought?)
  • In series 2, the Cult of Skaro returned being hidden in "The Void". The Void, has from what we know been sealed off,( but then explain how the Daleks keep
  • There has been mentioning of Davros throughout the different series. (and we all know he is defiantly back)
  • In "The Satan's Pit" The Beast tells Rose that she will die in battle very soon......Now what if this has to do with the Series 4 Finale and not what we all thought they were talking about "Doomsday"? (There are rumors that a companion will die!!)
  • The Doctor mentions many times into the 4th series that he was once a dad. (There has been mentioning for the finale of The Children of Time! Could they mean the Timelords?)
  • In the 3rd series The Face of Boe tells the Doctor that he is not alone....Now we all obviously thought of it meaning the Master and it very well could have. (But what if there is more meaning to it?)
  • The Darkness in mention many times throughout all the series. In The 3rd series in "Sound of Drums" the Toclafane mentions to the Master about the approaching Darkness. Here in this part...4:27 into it you can see for yourself.....

  • At the end of the 3rd series, The Master is shot by his human wife and refuses to regenerate. The Doctor gives him a type of viking like burial and he is cremated. But in the mist of rubble and ashes comes a woman's hand with bright red nails who picks up The Master's ring and you hear the Master Laugh. (There have been many rumors of The Master returning and of John Simm on the set of Doctor Who filming)
  • The Medusa Cascade was mentioned by The Master
  • Was brought to my attention that I forgot to mention about within the series as well were clues that were leading up to the Doctor Who Spin offs as well as their returning into the series 4 finale.TY

Now in the 4th series we have the following clues as well:

  • Rose's little appearances throughout the episodes
  • The mentioning of the bees disappearing
  • The mentioning of planets being lost, like the Pyrovile, the Adipose
  • The continuing of mentioning the time war
  • Jenny being created and is a Timelord like the Doctor
  • Rose being able to travel back and forth from realities
  • In Turn Left the fortune teller was scared of Donna in the end saying What will you become.
  • The continuing mentioning of the Darkness
  • The Medusa Cascade has been mentioned many times

Please feel free to comment and if I have missed anything please feel free to let me know!!! Like I said these were just things that seemed to pop out at me while watching........


Caaristiona said...

you might want to add the spin offs too. torchwood mentioned the darkness almost every third episode...