Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Favorite Quotes



Donna: You can tell what year it is just by smelling?
Doctor: Oh Yeah
Donna: Or maybe that vintage car coming up the drive gave it away
Donna: Never mind Planet Zog. A party in the 1920's! that's more like it!
Doctor: Trouble is, we haven't been invited. Or, I forgot, yes, we have!
Doctor: We're going to be late for cocktails!
Donna: What d'ya think? Flapper or Slapper?
Doctor: Flapper, you look lovely!
Agatha Christie: Agatha Christie
Donna: What about her?
Agatha Christie: That's me
Donna: No!
Doctor: Oh! I love your stuff, what a mind! You fool me every time, well, almost every time, well, once or twice, well, once....but it was a good once.
Donna: Typical. All the good men are on the other bus.
Doctor: Or Timelords
Doctor: Chief Inspector Smith from Scotland Yard, known as the Doctor. Miss Noble is the plucky young girl that helps me out.
Doctor: You'll need this(a magnifying glass)
Donna: Are you for real?
Doctor: Go on, you're ever so plucky
Donna: I'll pluck you in a minute
Donna: There's a giant wasp in there!
Doctor: What do you mean a giant wasp?
Donna: I mean a wasp that's giant!
Agatha Christie: It's only a silly little insect.
Donna: When I say giant, I don't mean big. I mean FLIPPIN' ENORMOUS!!!!
(The Doctor is poisoned with cyanide)
Agatha: There's no cure, it's fatal!
Doctor: Not for me, I can stimulate the inhibited enzymes into reversal. Protein! I need Protein!
Donna: Walnuts!
Doctor: Brilliant!
(mouth full, Doctor plays charades to mime the food he needs)
Donna: I can't understand you... How many words? One! One word! Shake...milk shake...milk? No, not milk. Shake, shake, shake?! Cocktail shaker! What do you want, a Harvey Wallbanger?
Doctor: Harvey Wallbanger?!
Donna: Well , I don't know!
Doctor: How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!
Agatha: What do you need Doctor?
Doctor: Salt! I was miming salt, I need salt, I need something salty!
Donna: What about this?!
Doctor: What is it?!
Donna: Salt!
Doctor: oh, that's too salty!
Donna:(sarcastically)Oh, that's too salty!
Agatha: What about this?
Doctor: mmmmm(eats)
Donna: What's that?
Agatha: Anchovies
Donna: What is it? What else?
(doctor mimes open palms with arms stretched)
Donna: It's a song...Mammy!? I don't know, Campdown Races?!
Doctor: Campdown Races!?!?
Donna: All right then, Towering Inferno?!
Doctor: It's a shock, a shock, I need a shock!
Donna: All right then, big shock coming up....(kisses the Doctor)
Doctor: Ahh, detox. Oh, I must do that more often. I mean, the detox...
Agatha: Doctor you are impossible!
Doctor: (winks and clicks his teeth)