Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fear Forcasts.....

Silence in the Library:

0 min
"Tell me what you see," asks Dr Moon. "Nothing," says Adam, "it's completely dark... oh, hang on..."

1 min
"Uh-oh," says Samuel. Amy and Harry laugh at some intruders. "Oooh!" says Samuel knowingly. "He's the scary guy!"

2 min
Harry: "Wow. That is one BIG Library!" Something makes Mum and Dad chuckle. Samuel spots someone is missing.

5 min
The kids watch apprehensively at an unexpected face.

6 min
"Arg! Slarg! Snick!"

7 min
The kids look anxiously at the darker areas of the screen...

8 min
The lights are going out! "Uh oh!" says Harry. Something new about the Sonic Screwdriver!

9 min
The kids seem strangely reassured by the xxxx.

11 min
The kids become tense...

13 min
Amy has a new friend. The boys have two - but which is which?

15 min
Harry silently mouths some unfamiliar words to himself.

17 min
"Hey!" yells Harry.

18 min
Who could this be? The kids have lots of suggestions.

19 min
A missed opportunity. Adam knows how to resolve it.

24 min
What's significant about the numbers?

25 min
"Not good," says Harry and the kids prepare themselves for the worst... "Don't! You'll die!" yells Samuel.

26 min
Samuel clutches the nearest hand he can find.

27 min
Everyone is very sad.

29 min
The boys shiver.

31 min
Everyone's shocked!

33 min
"Uh oh, this is baaaad news," says Harry, sadly.

34 min
The kids study the screen anxiously for clues as to where they might be.

35 min
Samuel gets inspiration from football. Adam resorts to Physics.

36 min
Amy is anxious.

37 min
Something is very, very wrong, and the kids know it.

38 min
The kids are horrified!

39 min
Another complete shock for the family!

40 min
"Well scary!" declares Samuel.