Monday, May 19, 2008

Episode 3: Planet of the Ood




AIR DATE: April 19, 2008

VILLAINS: Kineman Halpen, Ood Operations

OTHER CHARACTERS: The Ood, Ood Sigma, Dr. Ryder

LOCATION: The Ood-Sphere,4126


The Doctor takes Donna to her first alien planet. Upon leaving the TARDIS, they stumble on a dying Ood in the snow. While The Doctor and Donna try to help the Ood, his eyes turn red and lunges towards The Doctor then dyes. While they are walking along, The Doctor tells Donna about his encounter with The Ood before and that they were being influenced by the devil.The Doctor and Donna come to find an industrial complex and decide to check it out.

While investigating they find out that the company who is selling the Ood as slaves is called Ood Operations and that there has been a breakout of what is called "red eye". The Red eye phenomenon have been effect many Ood, and they have been killing many people while stating that "the circle must be broken". As Donna and the Doctor are snooping around to find out the meaning of all of this, they find a group of uncultivated Ood in a cell. Instead of the translation sphere, they hold in their hand a "hind brain" that gives them thier individuality.

The Doctor and Donna are captured by Ood Operations security and meet the man in charge of everything, Lineman Halpen. The Doctor and Donna derides Halpen for the lobotomising of the Ood and making them as slaves. Shortly after, The Ood break out into a huge revolution and the Doctor and Donna escape. They follow Halpen to a warehouse which they discover has been holding the Ood's telepathic consciousness captive(a huge brain). The Doctor and Donna help Dr. Ryder(a Friend of the Ood) and Ood Sigma (Halpen's personal Ood)in stopping Halpen destroy the Consciousness. Then Ood Sigma reveals he has been placing an Ood compound into Halpen's hair-loss tonic, slowly turning him into an Ood.

The Doctor shuts down the circle thus freeing the Ood and allowing them to rejoin in a telepathic collective. Before leaving, Ood Sigma states that The Doctor and Donna's names will be forever remembered but also stated that The Doctor's song may end soon.